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15 Anime Characters With Legendary Reputations

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Whether renowned for their criminal prowess, creative abilities, or knack for saving the day, anime characters with legendary reputations are larger than life figures who inspire others to either be like them or to fight against them.

Everyone in the world of My Hero Academia knows about the Number 1 hero, All Might. That's why Izuku wears his merchandise and why the Number 2 hero Endeavor hates his guts. Not every sterling reputation is earned, however: King from One Punch Man isn't actually the hero everyone thinks he is. Meanwhile, some characters, like Yakumo Yurakutei from Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, have actually earned their clout, but still don't feel like it's deserved.

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  • Shanks isn't the only legendary character in the world of One Piece, but he is the one who inspired Luffy to start making legends of his own. He's one of the Four Yonko, a group that includes the most celebrated or feared pirates in the world. Why is he so celebrated? Because he's one of the Roger Pirates, the only group to ever successfully conquer the Grand Line. Currently, he's the captain of the Red Hair Pirates.

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  • Naruto is actually full of legendary characters, including heroes, villains, and those who fall somewhere in between. While it's hard to choose just one, let's focus on Hashirama, the first Hokage of Konoha. The Hokage is a person that is chosen to lead their ninja village due to their designation as the strongest ninja of their time. Hashirama is not only ridiculously powerful thanks to his unique Nature Transformation jutsu, he's also successful at establishing a cohesive society in Konoha. As a result, people in Konoha talk about him the way Americans in the real world talk about George Washington.

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  • Vash The Stampede Has A Huge Bounty On His Head In 'Trigun'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Vash's reputation might be legendary, but that doesn't mean it's good. Known as "Vash the Stampede" he's notorious for destroying everything around him through a variety of mishaps. While in reality he's simply trying to end conflicts without any casualties, he's considered so destructive that he starts being tailed by two insurance agents to deal with the fallout of his skirmishes. Besides that, he's an outlaw with a huge bounty on his head, which is why he's constantly getting into these situations in the first place: people want the 60 billion in double dollars that they'd get for defeating him.

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  • Levi Ackerman Is The Feared Survey Corps Captain In 'Attack On Titan'
    Photo: Wit Studio

    You don't want to get on Levi Ackerman's bad side. As the Squad Captain of the Survey Corps, he is well-known to the general populace for his skill at taking out Titans. To his cadets, he's better known for his fastidious and strict nature, but they also recognize his skill. But Levi wasn't always a mighty warrior whose name inspires both reverence and fear. He grew up in an underground slum and spent most of his childhood committing crimes in order to earn enough money to survive. It was only once he met Erwin Smith that he took up a more noble cause. 

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