The Best Anime Characters With Pink Hair
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The Best Anime Characters With Pink Hair

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It might seem odd if you saw it in real life, but in the world of anime, characters with pink hair are dime a dozen. For this list, we're ranking the best pink haired anime characters of all time, with the help of your votes. Pink is admittedly not the most popular hair color in anime, but there are plenty of really popular characters that have pink hair, including Sakura from Naruto, Natsu from Fairy Tale, and Yachiru from Bleach. Although pink hair might suggest innocence, there are still characters like Lucy from Elfen Lied that you certainly wouldn't want to take lightly. This list features mostly female characters, but there are certainly some boys in anime with pink hair as well (though it's not very common). If one of your favorites is missing below, please add it so you can see how many others will vote for that person too. Who knows, the character you added might just end up rising to the top of the list and taking the #1 spot!
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