20 Anime Heroes Who Had Brutally Sad Childhoods

Tough childhoods are a staple in the world of anime. In fact, this trope is so common that hard to find a series without a single character it applies to. In some series with larger casts, it applies to almost everyone. 

No subject is too horrific for a tragic backstory. You'll find anime characters who suffer from homelessness, abuse, starvation, slavery, war, disease, human experimentation, and just about every other conceivable problem that could befall a person. In many cases, an individual character will have to deal with multiple tragedies at once. Sometimes it impacts them realistically, changing their personalities and their outlooks on life - but in other cases it's hard to see what the impact was. Among these anime characters with sad childhoods are popular characters like Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero and Kakashi from Naruto, as well as lesser-known characters like Yoshio Kobayashi from Trickster.

Which characters' backstories caused you the most grief?