The Greatest Anime Characters With Scars

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Here's our list of the coolest anime characters who have scars, as voted on by anime fans like you. You might have never realized it, but some of the toughest anime characters have scars. They are worn proudly by these warriors, who got them in sword fights, gun battles, explosions, and other crazy incidents. Which one of these characters has the most badass scar? Sometimes scars are small and subtle, but some of these characters have some pretty major ones. Take Zoro from One Piece for example, who has one not only on his eye, but a giant one on his stomach as well. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist has one in the shape of big X on his face, as a result of Kimbley using his explosive aclhemy on his face. Anyway, we want you to vote for your favorite scarred anime character on this list. Don't just vote for the character, vote for how badass you think the scar is. For example, Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z isn't a very strong character, but his scar is pretty damn cool.

Most divisive: Kyoya