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15 Anime Characters With Extraordinary Sensory Abilities

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Being able to see isn't a superpower - but what about being able to see what's going on 800 kilometers away? Hearing is a pretty common ability - but being able to hear the minute changes in another person's heart rhythm and use that information to read their emotions is on another level. Let's take some time to appreciate anime characters with enhanced senses.

Some anime characters with sensory powers only have one sense that's supercharged. Kyoka Jirou of My Hero Academia can hear just about anything she wants by plugging an organ near her ear into any surface, effectively using them as headphones. Meanwhile, the rest of her senses are average. Other characters like Gon from Hunter X Hunter have multiple superior senses - the kid can see, hear, smell, and taste with an alarming facility. 

Which of these supersensory powers do you think are cool?

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    Kyoka Jirou - 'My Hero Academia'

    Kyoka Jirou is a hero-in-training with a quirk called Earphone Jack. Earphone Jack allows her to plug a fleshy extension dangling from her ear into any surface, turning it into, well, a headphone jack. This lets her hear subtle sounds through heavy barriers, making her particularly skilled at espionage. 

    Her quirk also has offensive abilities - she can amplify her own heartbeat and attack enemies with the vibration.

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    The Hyuuga Clan - 'Naruto'

    The Byakugan is a hereditary eye-based characteristic that belongs to the Hyuuga Clan. Though its appearance makes the user look as if they're blind, it actually dramatically enhances their vision. Byakugan users can see nearly 360º of the surrounding area, excluding a small blind spot on the back of their neck. They can see through most barriers, allowing them to look through walls and see through the human body. They can see things that are nowhere near them, and training allows them to see more: Neji started off being able to see about 50 meters, but could see 800 meters by the time he was 16. 

    Like Sharingan users, Byakugan users can also see a person's chakra. At their strongest, they can use what they see to manipulate and attack another person's chakra, too. 

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    Multiple Characters - 'Demon Slayer'

    Multiple Characters - 'Demon Slayer'
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    Enhanced sensory abilities are super common in the world of Demon Slayer. Protagonist Tanjiro has an enhanced sense of smell that allows him to track down demons and determine people's emotions. Meanwhile, Zenitsu has an acute sense of hearing that allows him to detect danger before it gets to him. At its strongest, his sense of hearing even allows him to hear other people's thoughts. Meanwhile, Inosuke has a strong sense of touch that was acquired from years of living in the mountains.

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    Watchdog Man - 'One Punch Man'

    Watchdog Man - 'One Punch Man'
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    Watchdog Man is an especially bizarre pro hero who is constantly wearing a dog costume. Strange though he appears, he's incredibly powerful - and one of those powers is his doglike sense of smell. Any time a monster gets anywhere near his domain, he can smell it instantly. He can also detect less pressing odors, like the smell of a fart that nobody else picks up on. 

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