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13 Anime Characters Who Have Very Specific Weaknesses

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Some anime characters can be laid low using pretty straightforward methods that would impact everybody in more or less the same way. But there are also anime characters with specific weaknesses who are a little more complicated to deal with. 

One noteworthy example are the Devil Fruit users of One Piece. Eating a Devil Fruit means trading away your ability to swim - a real hindrance for pirates who spend most of their time on the open seas. There are also the demons from 'Demon Slayer' who are so severely weakened by wisteria that they're forced to stay on barren land to avoid walking through a wisteria grove. Sometimes, these weaknesses are something for the protagonsits to overcome, while at other times, they're one of the few means that they have of defeating their enemies. 

Which of these weaknesses strikes you as the most interesting? 

  • Inuyasha Is Easily Controlled By A Key Phrase In 'Inuyasha'
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    Inuyasha isn't the kind of guy who would willingly take commands from anybody, but when it comes to Kagome he doesn't have much of a choice. That's because he wears a necklaces that he can't take off that allows Kagome to curb his behavior by yelling "sit, boy!" When she does, he's forced to do exactly that - but because he tries to resist, he usually just falls flat on his face. While she sometimes uses this for strategic reasons, she also uses it when she's annoyed with him. 

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    High Level Dragon Slayer Magic Users Suffer From Motion Sickness In 'Fairy Tail'

    Once a Dragon Slayer Magic user gains a high level of proficiency, they develop an unfortunate problem: motion sickness. This happens because a dragon's visual prowess isn't a good match for a human's semicircular canals. In fact, it's such a common problem that when Gajeel finally develops motion sickness, it's said to be proof that he's leveled up his Dragon Slayer Skills. 

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    Devil Fruit Users Can't Swim In 'One Piece'

    In the world of One Piece, chowing down on a Devil Fruit affords you one of countless amazing powers. While each power has its own unique drawbacks, they all share one in common - if you eat a Devil Fruit, you'll no longer be able to swim.

    The problem isn't that you forget how or stop being able to perform whatever strokes you already knew: it's that seawater itself becomes a weakness. That's why it's entirely possible for Devil Fruit users wearing full body diving gear to swim - the water isn't touching their actual body. 

    While the powers bestowed by the Devil Fruits are often spectacular enough to make up for this unusual hindrance, it's kind of an issue when you're a pirate who spends all their time on the ocean.

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  • Roy Mustang's Flames Won't Ignite When It's Raining In 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
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    Rain doesn't just evoke one of the saddest moments in the entire series, it's also a specific weakness for Roy Mustang. Because his alchemy powers are flame based, he can't successfully ignite in heavy rain or humidity. That doesn't mean he can't kick butt - he's still a combat expert with proficiency in multiple weapons - but alchemy is off the table.

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