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13 Anime Characters Who Have Very Specific Weaknesses

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Some anime characters can be laid low using pretty straightforward methods that would impact everybody in more or less the same way. But there are also anime characters with specific weaknesses who are a little more complicated to deal with. 

One noteworthy example are the Devil Fruit users of One Piece. Eating a Devil Fruit means trading away your ability to swim - a real hindrance for pirates who spend most of their time on the open seas. There are also the demons from 'Demon Slayer' who are so severely weakened by wisteria that they're forced to stay on barren land to avoid walking through a wisteria grove. Sometimes, these weaknesses are something for the protagonsits to overcome, while at other times, they're one of the few means that they have of defeating their enemies. 

Which of these weaknesses strikes you as the most interesting? 

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    The Demons From 'Demon Slayer' Are Weak To Wisteria

    The Demons From 'Demon Slayer' Are Weak To Wisteria
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    Though they all take wildly different forms, all demons share the same unusual weakness: wisteria flowers. Demons can be badly poisoned by this purple flower, and as such it plays a big role in keeping them at bay. Demon Slayers often carry wisteria around with them. What's more, a large group of demons are kept in a controlled location by a grove of wisteria that they cannot cross. The flower is so lethal that these demons would rather stay in one place and starve than expose themselves to it.

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    Fumikage Tokoyami's Quirk Is Nullified By Bright Lights In 'My Hero Academia'

    Fumikage Tokoyami's quirk, Dark Shadow, can be intensely powerful in the darkness - but it can also be severely weakened when exposed to bright light. The shadow, which is a quasi-sentient birdlike being, can be so debilitated by lights that it retreats back into Tokoyami's body, unable to function at all. And while darkness does increase Dark Shadow's power, Tokoyami isn't always able to control it when this happens, which turns it into another kind of weakness.

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  • As you may have surmised from the name, Death The Kid is the son of Death himself. You'd think that someone with that kind of lineage would be pretty unflappable, but that's not the case. Actually, he's completely obsessed with symmetry. He both strongly appreciates symmetrical things and gets upset to the point of panicking or even fainting when the objects and individuals around him aren't symmetrical. How he tolerates his own hair is an open question. 

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    Ghouls Can't Eat Anything Except Human Flesh In 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    Why do Ghouls persistently eat human flesh when doing so makes them vulnerable to attack, and many of them actually feel guilty about chowing down on another sentient species? Because they literally can't eat anything else. Anything that another species might eat, be it meat, vegetables, grains, dairy, or anything else, will not only taste repulsive to a ghoul, but will also make them violently ill. As such, it's kind of hard to blame them for their diets, even if humans don't exactly benefit.

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