13 Anime Characters Whose Weights Can't Possibly Be Real

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While anime characters are routinely drawn with totally illogical proportions, things get a little too strange when creators decide to announce the official heights and weights of their characters. Oftentimes, a character's stated size will have seemingly no correlation to their physical mass. In such cases, one has to wonder: what causes all these surprising anime character weights?

In some instances, a female character's stated weight won't take into account the fact that human breasts have density and aren't just fleshy balloons. Other times, non-human characters are given totally implausible weights that don't make sense in a real-world context. In many cases, creators seem to have forgotten that muscles add weight to a body. Regardless of the series' reasoning, these character weights are stilll pretty confusing. 

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    In 'Eiken Club,' Keiko Shinonome's Weight Isn't In Line With Her Watermelon Sized Breasts

    Despite being a mother of six, the 5'6" Keiko Shinonome somehow weighs a mere 110 lbs. This might be believable (though incredible) if she didn't have such outlandishly huge breasts; those things could easily weigh 20 lbs each. Keiko doesn't appear in the Eiken Club anime, so you'll have to read the manga to see just how ridiculous her weight truly is.

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    'Danganronnpa's' Junko Enoshima Must Have Hollow Bones

    Junko Enoshima is a fascinating character who experiences bizarre mood swings and has amazing extrasensory powers, but one of the weirdest things about her is actually her weight. Despite her exceptional height of 5'7", 19-year-old Junko only weighs 99 lbs. You'd expect someone with her build to be emaciated, yet Junko has an hourglass figure with large breasts and large hips. Her weight isn't just disconcerting, it's flat out impossible unless she has hollow bones like a bird. 

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  • The Pokémon Wailord Is Less Dense Than Air
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    It can sometimes be hard for humans to conceptualize just how large whales truly are. A whale's average weight varies by species; beluga whale are relatively small, and weigh about 3,000 lbs, whereas the larger blue whale (which is the largest species to ever exist on Earth) can weigh a maximum of around 400,000 lbs. A blue whale's heart alone weighs 400 lbs.

    Given the gargantuan size of most whales, the idea that Wailord — who is about 14 meters long, half the length of the massive blue whale — could possibly weigh 877 lbs seems absurd. With its incongruous size and weight, Wailord may actually be less dense than air, which means that it would float when submerged in water. 

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    Onix Is A 28-Foot Long Strand of Rocks, Yet It Somehow Weighs 463 Pounds

    Onix Is A 28-Foot Long Strand of Rocks, Yet It Somehow Weighs 463 Pounds
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    Pokémon are notorious for having nonsensical weights, and Onix provides one of the most ridiculous examples. Onix is a sentient chain of solid gray boulders, and is about 28 feet in length. Given that the average boulder weighs 150 lbs per cubic foot, Onix's officially recognized weight of 463 lbs makes no sense. Then again, the existence of a living pile of rocks doesn't exactly make much sense either, so perhaps this isn't one to think too hard on. 

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  • Out of everyone in the Dragon Ball universe, pretty much nobody can match Goku's strength. Thanks to a brutal training regimen that involves mastering multiple martial arts in a dimension with increased gravity, his biceps have grown to the size of cantaloupes.

    Despite how aggressively ripped Goku is, he weighs in at a mere 137 lbs. While his weight is roughly the same as real-life martial arts master Bruce Lee, Goku is substantially more muscular, and a few inches taller than Lee, so the comparison doesn't quite make sense. 

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    Isumi Saginomiya Of 'Hayate The Combat Butler' Doesn't Look Like She's 40 Pounds Underweight

    Isumi Saginomiya is a delicate, soft-spoken girl, whose personality is underscored by her small size. In 2015, the average recorded weight for a 14-year-old Japanese girl was 109.1 lbs, but Isumi weighs only 66 lbs. Given that she's a few inches shorter than average, it'd be reasonable for her to weigh a little less, but a 40 pound drop is ridiculous. 

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