13 Anime Characters With Fetishes That Are Weird AF

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Fetishes are already pretty weird but when they're in anime form they get 10 times stranger. Vote up the fetishes that have you scratching your head in confusion.

When it comes to sexual preferences, some anime characters are weird AF. Their strange fetishes pop up in multiple series, like the curious affinity for little sisters that is shared in multiple anime universes. Other fetishes are quite unique, like Todomatsu Matsuno's thing for bellybutton wrinkles and Akira Tsubaki's passion for drool. No matter what the fetish is, though, it can make for some seriously bizarre sex scenes and wild conversations in the more demure shows.

If you happen to share a kink with one of these characters, don't be offended. Everybody likes something that others might consider weird AF. As long you're not like the more perverted anime characters, there'll be no harsh judgment here.

That said, you'll probably find something that makes you raise an eyebrow below. Keep reading to see if any fetishes are missing from this list.

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    Akira Tsubaki's "Drool" Fetish - Mysterious Girlfriend X

    Mysterious Girlfriend X has one of the strangest premises in the romance anime genre. Considering how weird romance anime can get, that's saying a lot. 17-year-old Akira Tsubaki falls in love for the first time when he absentmindedly eats drool that his classmate Mikoto Urabe leaves on her desk. Somehow, the drool makes him fall in love with her.

    Later, in lieu of doing typical things like kissing, the two decide to exchange drool. 

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    Itsuki Hashima's "Little Sister" Fetish - A Sister Is All You Need

    Itsuki Hashima of A Sister Is All You Need is into little sisters. He's a professional author whose work incorporates his fetish. Hashima is pretty successful despite sometimes taking things too far. In a book draft that gets rejected, the cartoon author writes about a little sister who prepares breakfast with her breast milk and her egg cells.

    Hashima has no problem telling anyone who will listen about his affinity for little sisters, either. Even his little brother, Chihiro isn't spared the creepy details.

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    Kintaro Oe's "Toilet" Fetish - Golden Boy

    Kintaro Oe's "Toilet" Fetish - Golden Boy
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    Golden Boy's Kintaro Oe would probably be happier hooking up with Madame President but rubbing his face all over her toilet seems to do the trick too. For some reason, Oe gets off on pressing his face against a toilet seat and tasting bidet water. 

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    Sojiro Izumi's "Little Girl" Fetish - Lucky Star

    Sojiro Izumi of Lucky Star is one of many anime characters who sits around the house in a dirty yukata and fetishizes little girls. Seriously, swap him out for Jiraiya from Naruto or Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket and hardly anything changes.

    Izumi is a self-proclaimed lolicon who frequently makes inappropriate comments about his teen daughter's friends. For this reason, it's often suggested that he'll be arrested. Thankfully, Izumi doesn't act on his desires but he does marry exceptionally young-looking adult Kanata.

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  • Teru Mikami's "Murder" Fetish - Death Note
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    Death Note fans, you knew this was coming. Mikami Teru might not explicitly state how turned on he gets when he kills but anyone who's seen him salivate with unfocused eyes knows exactly what he's thinking.

    This buttoned-up prosecuting attorney, whose life is scheduled down to the minute, has no genuine sexual outlet or even social interaction. He gets his jollies when murdering criminals in service of his god, Light Yagami. 

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    Todomatsu Matsuno's "Bellybutton Wrinkle" Fetish - Osomatsu-san

    Everyone in Osomatsu-san indulges in some type of perversion but Todomatsu Matsuno stands out because he explicitly tells people about his fetish. After Matsuno's brothers get upset about his social life, he decides to tell them everything, Of course, he mentions that he gets turned on by the wrinkles inside of belly buttons.

    His is a very specific fetish and isn't likely to be found in other animes.

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