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14 Anime Characters You'd Want To Party With

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We might not all be party animals, but who doesn't mind getting down every once in a while—especially if the soiree includes your favorite anime characters as guests?

Which anime characters you want to party with likely depends on a combination of factors, such as how you like to socialize and the level of debauchery you're willing to indulge in. 

Would you enjoy the company of anime party animals like Ryuujirou Kotobuki from Grand Blue, who will physically drag you into his frat boy shenanigans no matter how tight-laced you think you are? Or would you prefer chiller vibes, like what you get when you hang with Toji Kanzaki from Yowamushi Pedal? 

No matter what your preference, it's fun to imagine what partying with anime characters might be like. 

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    Cana Alberona From 'Fairy Tail' Can Outdrink Anyone, And Tell Your Fortune

    Cana Alberona can drink just about anyone under the table, so if you're partying with her, be prepared for a long night.

    Cana doesn't get drunk easily, which could potentially be parlayed into betting how much she can put away with doubtful onlookers. Alternatively, it could mean no matter how many bars you hit up, you'll have someone to haul you home when your feet fail you.  

    On top of her ability to kick back booze, Cana is also a skilled fortune teller, and who doesn't want to know their destiny after a couple drinks? She can read tarot-like cards and give people accurate descriptions of what their future holds. This is not only super useful to the Fairy Tail guild, it's also an excellent party game. 

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  • Partying with Tsunade means hitting all the bars in Konoha and getting totally sloshed on sake and beer. Her formidable fighting prowess and her medical ninjutsu mean you don't have to worry about alcohol poisoning or the consequences of drunkenly antagonizing a member of Akatsuki—she's got you covered, no matter how wasted either of you are. 

    Best of all, pesky things like laws don't really apply when you're partying with Tsunade. She's the hokage, who's going to stop her from doing whatever the heck she wants? Just don't let her gamble with your money, as she'll definitely lose.

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  • Koro-sensei From 'Assassination Classroom' Can Take You Anywhere In The World
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    Want to drink some champagne straight from a French winery, hang out at a hookah bar in Mumbai, then go surfing in Hawaii—all in one night? Party with Koro-sensei, who can travel at Mach 10, and routinely flies around the world on snack runs and pleasure trips.

    Aside from quite literally bringing the party, he's prone to making bad puns that will be much more tolerable after a mix of fancy cocktails.

    Maybe he'll give you some hot tips on how to assassinate people. Even if he doesn't, it's totally worth it for the worldwide tour.

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    All Might From 'My Hero Academia' Makes A Reliable Designated Driver

    Need a designated driver? Due to complications from an injury, All Might doesn't drink, which means you can indulge all you want without ever having to worry about a thing.

    Not drinking doesn't mean he's not fun—All Might is a cheerful guy who wants to make sure everyone around him is having a grand time. He'll hit the dance floor, do some cool poses, and generally lift everyone's mood.

    If something goes wrong, All Might's a professional superhero who can remain cool in a crisis. Whether it's unwanted guests crashing the party or someone getting a little too turnt, he'll make sure it all turns out okay.

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