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Anna Lindwasser
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Who are the anime characters you want to punch in the face? Don't lie - no matter how peace-loving you might be in real life, everyone has a list of characters they can't stand and would hypothetically wail on if given the chance. The Germans even have a word for this kind of person - they have a Backpfeifengesicht or a "face in need of a slap." 

What makes these characters so deserving of physical violence? Sometimes it's because they're absolutely terrible people, like the infamous Shou Tucker, a man who fused his dog with his daughter, or the less well-known Dino Golzine of Banana Fish, a mafia boss who sells children as merchandise and abuses them for fun. But the reasons aren't always so dark - sometimes they're like Excalibur of Soul Eater - they're just really freakin' annoying.

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Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 
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If you want to punch Shou Tucker, you're going to have to get in line. He's one of the most hated anime characters of all time, and few people are more deserving of the honor. Shou Tucker seems like a nice guy at first, until you learn that he fused his wife with a dog, destroyed them both, and then did the same thing to his innocent young daughter Nina.

What was Tucker's motive? Furthering his career as a state alchemist. Not only is this monumentally selfish, but it's also not even logical - the instant the true nature of his experiments was discovered, he'd obviously be fired and arrested - which is exactly what happened to Tucker. Too bad he didn't also get a public beating. 

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Nobuyuki Sugō - Sword Art Online
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Whether or not you've actually seen Sword Art Online, you probably know about the notoriously punchable Nobuyuki Sugō. Sugō persuades Asuna's father to promises him her hand in marriage - while she's comatose and unable to consent. Worse, Sugō knows for a fact that Asuna doesn't want to marry him - he's keeping her virtual self locked in a cage where she alternates between trying to escape and hoping that her actual boyfriend, Kirito, will come to rescue her. 

Equally infuriating is Sugō's utterly pathetic response to feeling any physical pain whatsoever. When Kirito is able to alter the settings in the virtual reality so that Sugō actually feels pain during battle, he completely freaks out and cries like a baby - and when they fight in real life, he's even worse. Not only is Sugō an immoral monster, but he also can't even handle the consequences of his own actions.

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You know what's worthy of a big old punch to the face? Aggressive racism! Nina Einstein absolutely despises "Elevens" - the Code Geass term for Japanese people. This despite the fact that she lives in Brittainian colony sitting on what used to be Japanese land, and the fact that the princess she worships actually likes the Japanese people and wants to grant them as much freedom as possible. Nina is a necessary character because she exemplifies the attitude that the Brittainians carry toward the Japanese, but that doesn't make her any more fun to watch.

Also, literally the only other attribute she has besides her virulent racism is her obsession with Princess Euphemia - an obsession that causes her to pleasure herself on the edge of a table. The fact that the only LGBTQ+ character in the whole series holds such terrible views makes Nina even more infuriating. 

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Makoto Itou embodies a particularly noxious combination of horniness and dishonesty. There's nothing wrong with a healthy libido or even with pursuing multiple partners - the problem is when you promise to stay true to one person and then go back on your word. Makoto promises exclusive relationships with multiple girls, then cheats on them the moment he gets the opportunity. In one particularly despicable example, Makoto makes out with Kotonoha in front of Sekai, who he coldly told to get an abortion when she told him she was pregnant.

It's no wonder that she goes after him with a knife - and some viewers probably wanted to be there to get a few hits in before she's finished.

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