The 14 Least Dateable Anime Characters Of All Time

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For some fans, part of the appeal of anime is thinking about which characters would be relationship material if they were real. Some anime characters seem like they'd make terrible significant others, though. It could be because they treat their canon boyfriends or girlfriends like garbage; their cartoon relationships are truly disturbing. It could be because they're really insecure and willing to inflict violence on anyone who so much as looks at their crush. It could be because they're just really exhausting to be around. 

One person's dream date is another person's nightmare, so you likely won't agree with all the selections here. You might even give some a chance despite all the red flags, but hey, no judgment. 


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    Nobuyuki Sugou - Sword Art Online

    Nobuyuki Sugou desperately wants a relationship with Asuna Yuuki, but he’s so utterly repulsive that she's uninterested. So is everyone else. Despite knowing full well that Yuuki can’t stand him, Sugou nearly tricks her father into allowing him to legally marry her while she’s in a coma.

    He also traps Yuuki in a virtual gilded cage so that he can accost her whenever he wants. This is how he treats someone who he claims to care about, so it’s pretty clear why Sugou isn't boyfriend material. Also, by the end of Sword Art Online, he’s in prison, so there's that, too.

  • Makoto Itou - School Days
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    Makoto Itou of School Days is infamous for being basically one of the worst boyfriends ever. The instant that he realizes that girls find him attractive, he immediately embarks on a odyssey of serial screwing. This could be okay if he were honest about it, but he's not. Instead, he lies to his girlfriends and makes promises of exclusivity that he has no intention to keep. He finally decides to be honest by making out with his new girl in front of his pregnant ex. Basically, Itou is a total scumbag.

    That said, the girls he pursues aren't that great either, especially Sekai Saionji. She kills him and chops his head off. No amount of philandering and deadbeat behavior justifies decapitation.

  • Minoru Mineta is one of the least popular characters in My Hero Academia for good reason. He’s quick to sexualize all of his female classmates' actions and he even tricks the girls into dressing up like cheerleaders for his personal pleasure. On top of that, Mineta’s a huge coward who is more than happy to use other people to protect himself. 

    Whether they see his antics as funny or creepy, few people think that Mineta would make a good boyfriend.

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    Eikichi Machimiya - Yowamushi Pedal

    Eikichi Machimiya of Yowamushi Pedal is a lousy boyfriend. Not only does he abruptly dump his girlfriend Kana the instant he has to start focusing on biking, he's also a complete creep to every girl he encounters. When Machimiya first meets Miki Kanzaki, he throws his arm around her and starts hitting on her, much to the horror of her onlooking friends.

    He also strokes Fukutomi's arms and gropes Izumida's chest, making both of them supremely uncomfortable.