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The 14 Greatest Anime Villains Who Are Children

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When a child shows up in an anime, most viewers expect that they'll be adorable and innocent - or maybe even annoying - but few expect them to be straight up villainous. Anime villains who are children, and they're all the more effective because like viewers, anime characters also don't expect that a big-eyed child carrying a teddy bear is going to be deadly. 

Some of these evil anime children are remorseless killers who don't seem like they're ever going to change - that's why Hibana Daida is in prison despite being a seven-year-old girl. In other cases, they realize that what they'd rather side with the good guys - when 11-year-old Ken Ichijouji of Digimon 02 realizes that what he thought was a video game has real consequences, he immediately quits his role as the Digimon Emperor and begins protecting the Digital World he once sought to destroy. 

Whether they eventually turn good or not, you definitely don't want to get on the bad side of these villainous kids. 

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