16 Anime Creators Reveal Their Favorite Characters

Most anime fans have favorite characters in the anime they love. But fans aren't the only ones with strong opinions about who the best characters are - creators have opinions too. In interviews all over the Internet, anime creators reveal their favorite characters to the fandom - and we've collected a bunch of them here. 

In some cases, the creators' opinions match up neatly with those of the fans - Shinichiro Watanabe loves Spike Spiegel just as much as the fans do. But other creators deviate a little or a lot from their fandoms. While most One Piece fans would probably say that their favorite was Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, or another major character, Eiichiro Oda's favorite is Gaimon, a hermit who's been trapped in a treasure chest for 20 years. Most creators only talk about the characters they like, but Akira Toriyama expresses some frustration with one of his more popular characters, Vegeta.  

Which creator favorite did you find the most surprsing?