16 Anime Creators Reveal Their Favorite Characters

Most anime fans have favorite characters in the anime they love. But fans aren't the only ones with strong opinions about who the best characters are - creators have opinions too. In interviews all over the Internet, anime creators reveal their favorite characters to the fandom - and we've collected a bunch of them here. 

In some cases, the creators' opinions match up neatly with those of the fans - Shinichiro Watanabe loves Spike Spiegel just as much as the fans do. But other creators deviate a little or a lot from their fandoms. While most One Piece fans would probably say that their favorite was Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, or another major character, Eiichiro Oda's favorite is Gaimon, a hermit who's been trapped in a treasure chest for 20 years. Most creators only talk about the characters they like, but Akira Toriyama expresses some frustration with one of his more popular characters, Vegeta.  

Which creator favorite did you find the most surprising? 

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    Gege Akutami ('Jujutsu Kaisen')

    Gege Akutami ('Jujutsu Kaisen')
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    In an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Gege Akutami stated that his favorite character was initially Sukuna because of his character design. However, Nanami Kento was the first character he developed on his own, thus becoming his favorite. 

  • While some creators don't explain why they've chosen a particular favorite, Tite Kubo has been pretty forthcoming about his Bleach opinions. In an interview with Comic-Con, Kubo stated that his two favorite female characters were Rangiku and Yoruichi, because,

    "Their attitude is like, they just don't care what people think of them! (laughs) I have a lot of fun drawing them and creating stories with them." 

    He also loves Kon, the modified soul who lives in a stuffed lion. He said,

    "I'd switch places with Kon. He seems so carefree, and everybody loves him in one way or another.”

  • Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata ('Death Note')
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    When it comes to their favorite character, the duo behind Death Note have the same opinion: both of them are total L stans.

    Writer Tsugumi Ohba claims that L is his favorite human character in the series because he's the strongest aside from Light. Meanwhile, artist Takeshi Obata likes pretty much everything about him, ranging from his personality to his appearance. He says that he never would have been able to come up with L on his own, which makes him feel not quite 'real' for Obata - an element of his character he enjoys. Both creators say that L is the character they most like to draw. 

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    Yuki Tabata ('Black Clover')

    Black Clover is a popular modern shonen series about a boy named Asta whose lack of magical powers puts him at odds with a world that revolves around magic. The creator, Yūki Tabata, has a favorite character who isn't his protagonist - his favorite is Charmy Pappitson, a dwarf-human hybrid who serves as 1st Class Junior Magic Knight in the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad. 

    In a 2018 interview with French news outlet Le Point, Tabata explains that Charmy is actually based on his wife. He says, "I find it amusing to draw my wife in a manga." No word on whether his wife feels the same way!