Anime Drinking Games To Get Your Non-Anime Friends In On The Action

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Anime isn't just for kids - which means the activities surrounding it don't have to be for kids, either. If you're an anime fan who enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage, this list offers a few fun anime drinking games to try out with friends (or yourself if you're more solitary). Not only can they make your favorite series more fun to watch, but these drinking games can also serve as a great way to introduce your non-otaku friends to anime. 

The best anime drinking games out there cover a wide range of shows and subjects. Some revolve around a single series like Gurren Lagann, My Hero Academia, or One-Punch Man. For more hardcore fans, a game may focus on anime from specific genres, like harem or slice of life, with the rules tailored to said genre's particular tropes. If you decide to try one of these games, have fun, but make sure to drink responsibly. Never drink and drive, obey your country's age limit laws, drink plenty of water, and, if you're gonna play the Inuyasha game, brace yourself.


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    Shonen fantasy series Fairy Tail follows a collection of magical guilds that perform services for cash, and often get into intense conflicts with one another. Given that the following things happen in nearly every episode, this drinking game will get you pretty plastered. Here are the instructions from Anime Drinking Games:

    Normal Mode

    • Whenever Natsu gets sick, take a drink
    • When Natsu gets beat up, whether he deserves it or not, take a drink
    • When someone casts a spell with a name, take a drink
    • When Natsu eats fire, take a drink
    • When Natsu performs a feat of heroism, take a drink
    • When Lucy summons a celestial being, take a drink
    • When the magic council gets angry at Fairy Tail, take a drink
    • When the guild master lectures passionately, take a drink


    • When guild members fight among themselves or make fun of one another, take a drink
    • Finish your drink when a member of Fairy Tail wins a fight against another wizard
  • My Hero Academia is a recent shonen smash hit about a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who wants to become a superhero. He lacks a quirk, or superpower, but when his idol, a superhero named All Might, makes him the heir to his own quirk, One For All - suddenly, he has a chance. This exciting show reaches new thrills with a drinking game. Any drink will do, but if you want to stay on theme, consider adding some Midori melon liqueur?

    Take a drink when: 

    • Using "One For All" breaks Midoriya's bones
    • Midoriya yells "KACCHAN!"
    • Bakugo snarls at someone
    • Mineta says something perverted
    • An American-themed attack name is used
    • All Might coughs up blood
    • Aizawa threatens to punish his students
    • Present Mic announces someone's quirk
    • Tsuyu says "kero" (sub) or "ribbit" (dub)

    Hard Mode - Add These Rules: 

    • Take two sips when see a character with a quirk you think is totally ridiculous
    • Take two sips when you see a hero outfit that's impractical or ugly
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    Attack On Titan
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    Attack on Titan is set in a world where giant humanoid monsters force humanity to live inside a walled village to avoid being eaten. The show has emerged as one of the most popular anime in recent years. It gets pretty gruesome, so how about lightening the mood with a fun drinking game from the Chuggernauts? According to their Attack on Titan drinking game:

    Drink one when...

    • Someone says “Titan”
    • Whenever someone says Eren or Mikasa
    • Armin whines or panics
    • Someone mentions the Survey Corps/Scouts, the Garrison, or the MP (Military Police)
    • Eren explains how much he wants to destroy Titans
    • There’s a flashback to Eren’s mom getting eaten
    • Someone cries
    • You notice new unique facial hair

    Drink three when...

    • Someone shuts down Eren
    • Someone saves Eren


    • Players must constantly chug their drinks while the Colossal Titan is in frame
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    One-Punch Man
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    One-Punch Man is a parody of the superhero genre centered around Saitama, a man who defeats any and all opponents with a single punch. One of the funniest shows you'll ever see, One-Punch Man becomes even more laughable when you add alcohol. This game comes from the fine folks at Anime Drinking Games

    Normal Mode

    • Each time you see a fiery explosion, take a drink
    • Whenever One-Punch Man lives up to his name and ends a fight with one punch, take a drink
    • When One-Punch Man saves someone’s life, take a drink
    • When One-Punch Man’s baldness is talked about, take a drink
    • When One-Punch Man or Genos is sent flying by an enemy, take a drink
    • When a monster transforms, take a drink
    • When Genos calls One-Punch Man “Sensei,” take a drink
    • When an enemy is visibly afraid of One-Punch Man, take a drink


    • Finish your drink when One-Punch Man reveals the secret of his power
    • If you recognize an obvious spoof of another anime, call it out, and take a drink
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    Two unnamed Reddit users offered an idea for a simple Inuyasha drinking game. While there are only a few conditions in which participants take a drink, they happen quite often. This makes for a simple and effective drinking game - there are no difficult rules to remember, and you get drunk faster than Inuyasha himself can cure Kagome's cold. Here it is:

    Rule #1Take a drink every time some screams "Inuyasha!" or "Kagome!"

    Rule #2Take a drink every time someone reminds you that Inuyasha is a half-demon. Make sure you've written down your last will first, though.

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    Death Note
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    Death Note, an anime about a teenager who kills criminals by writing their names in a magical notebook, remains one of the most popular anime of all time. As such, it's only natural that it deserves its own drinking game! Any drink is fine, but if you want to stay on theme, try hard cider or apple wine. 

    Take a drink when: 

    • L eats something diabetes-inducing
    • Someone makes a joke about Light's name
    • Misa declares her love for Light
    • Ryuk demands apples
    • Something super mundane is animated to look super dramatic
    • The Task Force questions L's methods
    • Someone says that Light isn't Kira
    • Light says something super egotistical (e.g. calling himself a god)
    • Near twirls his hair with his finger

    Hard Mode - Add These Rules: 

    • Take two sips whenever Mikami goes into "sakujo" or "delete" mode
    • Take two sips whenever the anime actually makes you think about morality