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Anime Drinking Games To Get Your Non-Anime Friends In On The Action

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Anime isn't just for kids - which means the activities surrounding it don't have to be for kids, either. If you're an anime fan who enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage, this list offers a few fun anime drinking games to try out with friends (or yourself if you're more solitary). Not only can they make your favorite series more fun to watch, but these drinking games can also serve as a great way to introduce your non-otaku friends to anime. 

The best anime drinking games out there cover a wide range of shows and subjects. Some revolve around a single series like Gurren Lagann, My Hero Academia, or One-Punch Man. For more hardcore fans, a game may focus on anime from specific genres, like harem or slice of life, with the rules tailored to said genre's particular tropes. If you decide to try one of these games, have fun, but make sure to drink responsibly. Never drink and drive, obey your country's age limit laws, drink plenty of water, and, if you're gonna play the Inuyasha game, brace yourself.

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