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15 Destructive Anime Fights With The Most Collateral Damage

Anime fights don't only impact the people involved in them - sometimes bystanders, buildings, and even whole planets get caught up in the conflict. For this list, we're looking at some of the most destructive anime fights ever. 

Destruction is scaled to its universe. Yes, some of these fights only destroy the surrounding area, which can feel like nothing in comparison to fights that take down full planets or even galaxies. While it might be technically more accurate to dedicate half the list to shows like DBZ that routinely annihilate on an epic scale, the goal here is to showcase fights that have major consequences outside the duelers themselves. That's why Ryo Asuka ending humanity is on the same list as All Might and All For One ripping through nearby buildings and creating mini-tornadoes.

But while all of these battles are destructive, it's true that some did more damage than others - and it's your job to vote up the most dire ones.