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16 Times Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight 

Leo Reyna
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For years, writers have been crafting conventional stories wherein the bad guys lose and the good guys win. It's not a terrible plot line, since everyone loves a happy ending, but that doesn't mean the heroes can't take few lumps on their way towards victory. 

In some anime, the good guys don't just lose to the bad guys, they get beaten to to an unrecognizable pulp. Some of the smartest and most underrated anime villains manage to get the drop on their heroic adversaries and kick 'em to the curb. If you're someone who always roots for the protagonist, get ready to have your heart-strings tugged at mercilessly. 

Grimmjow Jaggerjack is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 16 Times Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight
Photo:  Bleach /Studio Pierrot

The Arrancar named Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez humiliates Ichigo Kurosaki twice in battle during the Arrancar Invasion in Bleach. In their first encounter, Grimmjow impales Ichigo's best friend Rukia Kuchiki with his hand, then toys with the Soul Reaper for the remainder of their bout. While Ichigo does land a successful attack on Grimmjow — which leaves a visible scar on his torso — he fails to overcome his enemy, and is only spared because Kaname Tōsen intervenes and calls off the fight.

Even though Grummjow is missing an arm during their second battle, Ichigo still can't outmatch him. For a while, Ichigo has him on the ropes thanks to his Hollowfication powers, but once it breaks, Grimmjow manages to snatch victory a second time. This time, Ichigo is saved when Rukia temporarily freezes Grimmjow, giving the hero a chance to escape. 

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Crocodile Nearly Kills Monkey D. Luffy Twice In 'One Piece'
Crocodile is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 16 Times Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight
Photo:  One Piece/Toei Animation

The Italianate mob boss of Baroque Works, Crocodile, holds a special spot in One Piece history. He effortlessly defeats the rubber pirate Monkey D. Luffy not once, but twice during the Alabasta arc. What gives Crocodile the upper hand in his fight with Luffy is his Devil Fruit powers: he can turn his body into sand, allowing him to avoid taking physical damage. 

Even without his powers, Crocodile would still be a formidable foe. His strategic mind and large poisonous hook are enough to make quick work of anyone who gets in his way. If not for pure luck, Luffy would have died during any of his three encounters with Crocodile. Even in their final bout, Luffy only comes out on top because of good luck. If the blood from Luffy's cut up fist didn't act as a suitable substitute for water, there's no way he could have exploited Crocodile's aversion to H20 to achieve victory. 

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Mad Pierrot Beats The Ever-Loving Crap Out Of Spike In 'Cowboy Bebop'
Mad Pierrot Beats The Ev... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 16 Times Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight
Photo:  Cowboy Bebop/Sunrise

Spike Spiegel is one of the most bad*ss anime characters around, there's no doubt about it. However, even tough guys like Spike go down every once in a while, and this is especially true if the enemy is a psychic killer clown infused with the cruelty of a child.

In what is perhaps the most terrifying and psychedelic episode of Cowboy Bebop, "Pierrot Le Fou" begins with Spike witnessing Mad Pierrot horrifically murder an official and his bodyguards outside a bar. Spike engages the assailant in a gun fight, but all efforts to fill Pierrot with lead prove futile, as he has a bulletproof forcefield covering his body. Just before Pierrot finishes Spike off for good, a toy cat triggers a painful memory for the killer, which gives the hero time to escape with his life. 

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Beerus Humbles Super Saiyan Goku in 'DBZ: Battle Of The Gods'
Beerus Humbles Super Sai... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 16 Times Anime Villains Destroyed The Good Guy In A Fight
Photo:  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods/Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods marked the return of the legendary anime series on the big screen, after a 17-year absence. Battle of the Gods also expands the series mythos by introducing a character so strong that he can even take down the all-mighty Goku. Beerus, the Egyptian God of Destruction, is so powerful that he forces the ever-proud Vegeta to regularly humiliate himself throughout the film, as he threatens to destroy the Earth if the Saiyan resists. 

Surprisingly, the proudest fighter in the film is actually Goku, as he ignores King Kai's warning about facing off against Beerus. As it turns out, King Kai was right; Beerus barely lifts a finger when fighting Goku, who gets taken down even after unleashing his Super Saiyan Three form.

Goku is able to go toe-to-toe with Beerus near the end of the film, once his friends help him achieve Super Saiyan God mode. However, he gains no pleasure from his victory, as he didn't achieve the immense power on his own. When Beerus defeats Goku, it's a humbling experience, as the Super Saiyan God learns that he needs to appreciate the help of his friends. Luckily, Beerus ends up as another kooky friend to the Z fighters, so they (hopefully) won't have to take him on again in the future. 

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