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13 Flawless Victories Where The Hero Takes Zero Damage

Updated 13 Sep 2019 17.0k votes 3.2k voters 112.9k views13 items

Most anime fights involve some level of injury on the heroes' part. Maybe they just get roughed up a little bit, or maybe they come close to losing their lives. But there are also anime fights where the hero takes no damage - they're an untouchable BAMF who schools their opponent on the battlefield. 

Some flawless victories in anime at set in shows where such outcomes are common. Saitama of One Punch Man, for example, is rarely injured in battle, and never loses a match, so most of his battles end this way. In other shows, injuries are typical - nearly every scene from My Hero Academia ends with a recovery period.

Whether the outcome is expected or not, these fights will definitely get your heart pumping - and will make you appreciate how talented the heroes truly are. Which ones are your favorites?

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