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13 Flawless Victories Where The Hero Takes Zero Damage

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Most anime fights involve some level of injury on the heroes' part. Maybe they just get roughed up a little bit, or maybe they come close to losing their lives. But there are also anime fights where the hero takes no damage - they're an untouchable BAMF who schools their opponent on the battlefield. 

Some flawless victories in anime at set in shows where such outcomes are common. Saitama of One Punch Man, for example, is rarely injured in battle, and never loses a match, so most of his battles end this way. In other shows, injuries are typical - nearly every scene from My Hero Academia ends with a recovery period.

Whether the outcome is expected or not, these fights will definitely get your heart pumping - and will make you appreciate how talented the heroes truly are. Which ones are your favorites?

  • Killua Zoldyck Vs. Johness the Dissector - 'Hunter X Hunter'
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    When Killua Zoldyck has to face a notorious serial killer called Johness the Dissector during the Hunter exam, his companions want him to give up and try again next year. Johness is capable of rending the flesh from his opponents' bones and is fully planning on doing that to anyone who faces him. Killua is confident in his skills and decides to face him anyway.

    Before Johness can lay a hand on him, he snatches the prisoner's heart straight out of his body. It's a grueling scene, made no less terrifying by the ruthless look on Killua's face. 

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  • Most of the flawless victories in Dragon Ball Z belong to Goku, so let's put the spotlight on somebody else this time - Future Trunks. When Future Trunks goes up against Frieza and King Cold, the two villains think that Trunks is nothing more than a weak little boy - that is, until he goes Super Saiyan. After that, their confidence evaporates. Trunks manages to use a gigantic ball of energy that was thrown at him as a weapon, escape repeated dangerous attacks, and slice Frieza's body clean in half before going after King Cold. King Cold begs for his life and tries to blame all of their evil doings on his son, but Trunks shows him no mercy at all. 

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    Class 1-A Vs. Mirio Togata - 'My Hero Academia'

    When Class 1-A is first introduced to the Big Three, they get to see how Mirio Togata earned that distinction firsthand. He challenges the entire class - minus Todoroki, who sticks to the sidelines - to a brawl. Not one of them is able to put a scratch on him. That's because his quirk, Permeation, allows him to slip seamlessly through solid matter, and the class is so baffled by where he is at any given moment that they're unable to mount a strategy.

    This outcome would have been devastating if Mirio were an enemy, but he'll soon become one of their most powerful allies in the fight against villainy. 

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  • Levi Ackerman Vs. The Beast Titan - 'Attack on Titan'
    Photo: Wit Studio

    Levi Ackerman is covered in blood from a previous battle, but when he's up against the Beast Titan, he sustains no damage whatsoever. The Beast Titan, who is currently possessed by Zeke Jaeger, has been warned about Levi's battle prowess, but that warning doesn't help him much. Levi slices his arms to ribbons, blinds him, then severs the tendons on his feet so that he can't walk, all while Zeke is still trying to figure out what's going on. Sadly for Levi, defeating the Beast doesn't mean he gets to harness his powers - another Titan runs off with Zeke before Levi is able to do so.

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