The 15+ Best Anime for Christians

If you're a Christian anime fan, it may be difficult for you to navigate the plethora of content that is available, especially given a lot of it contains explicit images or immoral themes. For this list we rank the best anime for Christians, on the criteria that is it thought provoking, safe, and not too provocative. We've included shows like Saint Young Men, which include Jesus Christ himself as one of the characters in a fun buddy comedy anime. If that is too blasphemous for you, don't worry- we've included of plenty of other anime series that are good for Christians.

Do you know of any religious anime that we haven't included here? We want this list to be as complete as possible, so please add any good Christian anime to the poll that isn't already here.
Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
Ranked by
  • My Last Day
    859 votes

    My Last Day

  • In the Beginning - Bible Stories
    1,045 votes

    In the Beginning - Bible Stories

  • Superbook
    363 votes


  • Your Lie in April
    382 votes
    Drama, Music, Romance
  • Haikyu!!
    257 votes
    Sports, Shonen
  • Trigun
    561 votes