Anime Satanists Can Really Appreciate

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Vote up the greatest anime series that features demons and devils.

Devils, demons, and Satan; oh my! Here's a roundup of anime shows that the devil himself can appreciate (sometimes, he's even the star!). Presented to you from the fiery depths of hell, this is a list of anime that focuses on Hell and demonic characters. So, next time you decide to watch anime with Satan, put on one of these thrill rides and Lucifer is sure to be pleased!

The appearance of the devil in anime doesn't exactly carve a portrait of Satanism, and it also doesn't mean that the anime itself is Satanic. However, these series have more than enough appearances of crooked Gods and Hell spawn that anyone who takes delight in Satanic manifestos from the underworld is bound to be captivated by the damnable demons that lie within. Vote up the best anime that stars Beelzebub, demons, and fiends. 

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