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14 Anime Girls With Breast Envy

Updated 19 Sep 2020 9.9k votes 2.2k voters 33.0k views14 items

Not every anime character is happy about their appearance. One common reason for female characters to be less than enthralled by their appearance is breast size. Those who don't love their own look may find themselves getting jealous of the people around them. 

Most anime girls with breast envy are flat-chested girls who wish they could be like their more well-developed friends. Whether it's Kaguya of Kaguya-sama: Love is War refusing to go to the beach for fear of being compared to the busty Chika or Louise from Familiar of Zero screaming about how big-breasted women are the enemy, this trope is not at all uncommon. But there are also well-endowed anime girls who wish their breasts were smaller - Himawari from Yuru Yuri would gladly shrink her chest if she could.

These anime girls may not like their breasts, but that doesn't mean we don't like them! Vote up your favorites and show them a little love. 


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