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22 Anime Girls Whose Huge Boobs Are Actually A Problem

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Anime ladies can have tragically huge boobs. Yes, tragically. Why? Because big boobs hurt. Just carting them around on your chest all day makes your shoulders and your spine ache something fierce. Heaven forbid you try to do something physical without a bra, or two bras. Or a $200 bra that’s never as supportive as the advertisement promises. The big boob life is a tough one, and these characters deserve to have their pain recognized.

So, here’s to the anime girls with boobs so huge that they risk getting slapped in the forehead with them when they run. Y’all deserve the world’s most comfortable bras, a 24/7 on-call masseuse, and all the ibuprofen and Icy Hot you can handle. Thank you for being majorly sexy, or at least defying physics as we know it. 

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    Who Planted Airbags In Komoe's Chest?

    Photo: Genco
    Too big?
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    Thing Is, Fuji-san Is Into This Kinda Stuff

    Photo: Tatsunoko Production
    Too big?
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    Not So Much Worried About Kirika's Back As About His Entire Body

    Photo: Akita Publishers
    Too big?
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    Poor Centorea, Can't Wear Bras Or Hats

    Photo: Genco, Lerche
    Too big?