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20 Pieces Of Awesome Anime Street Art All Over The World

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It’s said that imitation is the most exalted type of flattery and maybe it’s true. Fans are the driving force behind everything that rises in popularity, but fan-dom evolves over time. Today’s fans of anime are often possible future illustrators, writers, and/or creators with more than just passion. They’re talented too. It’s because of them that anime faces have seeped into pop culture, and are now seeping into the streets.

Showing up on train tracks and buildings, anime-inspired street art is vibrant and playful. In some instances, it outshines the original anime blueprint. To say that this art form is breaking the mold would be an understatement. Most of what you’re about to see is freehanded, so there is no mold to follow, only ones to break.

Here is some of the most astounding anime fan art graffitied around the world.