Which Anime Hero Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Anime heroes (and heroines) are the characters who keep an anime going – without them, there would be no story. Because they're so important to the overall experience, some anime fans find themselves wondering – which anime hero are they most like?

One great way to determine which hero you vibe with the most is by checking your star sign. Your zodiac sign lets you know what makes you flawed and what makes you fabulous, and the same applies to anime heroes. Are you a light-hearted, charming person who happens to be hiding a dark past? Then you're a lot like Yato of Noragami, a Gemini whose breezy exterior hides his past as a god of war. Or are you an ambitious, long-term planner like L from Death Note, a brilliant detective who is also a Capricorn? 

Your sign is a great way to learn more about yourself and about your favorite anime heroes. If you identify more with anime villains, however, then the stars will tell you something a little bit different. We can't all be heroes, but these ones sure stand out.