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15 Anime Heroes With Terrible Public Reputations

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These anime characters don't give a damn about their bad reputations! Well, some of them don't. Others give many damns. This list features both characters who are devastated by the worlds' misreading of them, as well as characters who wear their bad rep proudly. 

Anime heroes with bad reputations include characters who didn't do anything to deserve it, like Naofumi Iwatani of The Rising of the Shield Hero, who was falsely accused of criminal activity and reviled as a result. But some of these characters actually did something to spark the public's rejection - Arataka Reigen of Mob Psycho 100 is technically a fraud and probably deserves to be recognized as such - it's just that he's a really, really nice fraud. 

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  • Ryuuji Takasu Has A Tough Guy Face In 'Toradora!'
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    Ryuuji Takasu's bad reputation has nothing to do with his personality or his behavior - it's all about his face. Because his face looks 'scary,' his classmates assume that he's a delinquent and avoid him. In reality, he's anything but a delinquent. Ryuuji is a kind, caring boy who spends most of his time cooking and cleaning while his single mother is at work. 

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    The Survey Corps Doesn't Inspire Confidence In 'Attack on Titan'

    The Survey Corps Doesn't Inspire Confidence In 'Attack on Titan'
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    At the start of Attack on Titan, the Survey Corps is working hard to take out the Titans that keep humanity trapped inside a series of walls. But because their work is neverending, it's also thankless. Most people who aren't in the Survey Corps think that they're taking pointless risks and accomplishing nothing while wasting taxpayer money. When they try to capture the female Titan and incur multiple casualties, their reputation plummets even further - but without them, everyone inside the walls would almost certainly have perished. 

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  • Yusuke Urameshi Is More Than Just A Delinquent In 'Yu Yu Hakusho'
    Photo: Sunrise

    Yusuke's bad rap isn't exactly unearned - he begins the series as a delinquent who is constantly ditching school and getting into fights. Even the afterlife thinks poorly of him - no one expects him to lose his life by saving a child, which is why, when he does do that he's given a second chance at life as a Spirit Detective.

    Underneath the tough guy exterior beats the heart of a true hero. Not only did he willingly throw himself in the path of danger, he'll also take on any opponent, no matter how daunting - especially if that opponent has done something he finds morally objectionable. There's a reason why the morally upright Keiko likes him so much, and it's not because she likes bad boys - it's because she sees the good person he truly is on the inside. 

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    The Straw Hat Pirates' Heroism Is Ignored In 'One Piece'

    No matter how fun-loving and delightful the Straw Hat Pirates might be, they're still pirates. That means that they're often at odds with the World Government and other legal systems. But the Straw Hats aren't about actually hurting innocent people - and in fact, they often go out of their way to solve problems that the World Government can't.

    This spurs the World Government to hate them even more, because there's no way on Earth they're going to admit that a group of pirates is doing their job better than they are. 

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