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15 Anime Heroes With Terrible Public Reputations

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These anime characters don't give a damn about their bad reputations! Well, some of them don't. Others give many damns. This list features both characters who are devastated by the worlds' misreading of them, as well as characters who wear their bad rep proudly. 

Anime heroes with bad reputations include characters who didn't do anything to deserve it, like Naofumi Iwatani of The Rising of the Shield Hero, who was falsely accused of criminal activity and reviled as a result. But some of these characters actually did something to spark the public's rejection - Arataka Reigen of Mob Psycho 100 is technically a fraud and probably deserves to be recognized as such - it's just that he's a really, really nice fraud. 

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    Naofumi Iwatani Is Burdened By False Accusations In 'The Rising of the Shield Hero'

    When Naofumi Iwatani first arrives in Melromarc, he already has a bad reputation. He was brought there to be the Shield Hero, a position that's considered the most useless and pathetic out of all of the four heroes. His public image gets even worse when he's falsely accused of sexual assault, and earns a reputation as a criminal.

    All of this happens despite Naofumi having done literally nothing to deserve it. Naturally, he becomes resentful and despondant - but he decides that whether or not he gets help or appreciation for his efforts, he'll still do his heroic duty. 

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  • Vash the Stampede Is A Natural Disaster In 'Trigun'
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    Vash has such an atrocious reputation that most people see him as a straight up natural disaster. As in, he'll destroy everything in his path, including entire cities. That's why he's constantly followed around by Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, two insurance agents who have made it their business to evaluate the damage he causes. 

    The only reason that Vash has this reputation is that people keep trying to take his life, and violence happens when he defends himself. 

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  • For reasons that were wholly outside of his control, Naruto Uzumaki was born with a terrible reputation. Shortly after he was born, his parents sealed a dangerous tailed beast into his body in the hopes of stopping its rampage and protecting the village. People started to conflate Naruto with the monster that had recently attacked him, shunning him completely as a result. 

    Naruto grows up totally isolated, and grows used to having people ignore him, sneer at him, and even throw things in his direction. His ultimate goal is to earn his village's respect by becoming a ninja so great that he's selected to be the hokage. While he does get what he wants in the end, it's not before enduring years of pain. 

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  • Saitama Never Gets Any Credit In 'One Punch Man'
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    While it's obvious to viewers that Saitama is an incredible hero, he doesn't get a lot of credit from the Hero Association. That's because most of his feats go under the radar. Either no one notices that he's the one who defeated the enemy, or someone else goes out of their way to take the credit. He's even blamed for casualties incurred when he's the only person actually solving the problem.

    For these reasons, his Hero Rank is a C, which means that he doesn't get the pay or recognition he deserves. Saitama doesn't care much about the prestige, but he does want to be reimbursed properly - otherwise, he'll have to survive off discount vegetables forever.

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