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15 Anime Heroes Who Are Constantly On The Receiving End Of A Beatdown

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Just because a character technically falls on the side of good does not mean good fortune always follows them. In fact, heroes who always lose are practically their own anime cliche. Sometimes, characters who virtually never achieve their goals get pretty annoying - after all, who wants to watch someone fail over and over again?

That would be depressing, but thankfully, all these unlucky anime characters come with charismatic personalities that see them through the thick of things. Anime characters who rarely win serve as comic relief - laughing at Yamcha's misery is an important part of the DBZ experience.

On the flip side, these characters can display genuine growth as they struggle to achieve a goal that seems impossible. Winning isn't everything, and these unfortunate anime characters show how losing is something important in and of itself.

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    Phos Is Too Delicate To Win Fights In 'Land Of The Lustrous'

    In Land of the Lustrouseach character's physical strength gets determined by the gemstones that comprise their body. Phos is made of phosphophyllite, a gemstone that shatters at the slightest bump. So, whenever Phos tries to help with their community's battles against the Moon People, they end up getting smashed to bits. This begins to change as the series progresses, their body eventually replaced with sturdier material. 

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    Nobody In 'Osomatsu-san' Wins Anything Ever

    If you like a little schadenfreude in your anime, Osomatsu-san is right up your alley. It's hard to choose just one character who never wins at anything he tries, because the six Matsuno brothers tend to fail as a unit. Any time one of them tries to get a job, they get fired within a single shift. Any time one of them tries to talk to a girl, they either get too nervous to open their mouths or they get totally rejected.

    What's more, on the rare occasion one of them actually accomplishes something, his brothers actively sabotage him the moment they get the chance. The only time they ever win at anything is when they go up against Iyami, who, luckily for the brothers, is even unluckier than they are.

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    Terufumi Sugimoto Is No Biking Expert In 'Yowamushi Pedal'

    The title of this sports anime roughly translates to "weak cyclist," an appropriate moniker considering the fact that many characters in Yowamushi Pedal routinely fail to achieve their goals. One character who fails at nearly everything he tries is Terufumi Sugimoto. At the start of the anime, Sugimoto claims to be an "expert" at all things cycling, even though he is a mediocre cyclist at best.

    When he finally realizes how much harder he needs to compete in the Inter-High, he amps up his training schedule and starts seriously attempting to learn from others. But nevertheless, Sugimoto fails to earn a spot on the team.

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    Denki Kaminari Of 'My Hero Academia' Can't Control His Electric Powers

    Poor Denki Kaminari. Blessed with the ability to create his own electricity, Denki unfortunately is not blessed with the ability to control it. During nearly every battle in My Hero Academia, Denki ends up overusing his powers and electrocuting himself, leaving him temporarily too out of it to fight.

    Not only does he make no headway in battle, but Kaminari never exactly rocks the academic world either - despite his efforts, he remains one of the worst students in his class.

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