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13 Anime Heroes Who Had Legitimate Reasons To Turn Evil

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Can you imagine Naruto Uzumaki as a villain? What about Shoto Todoroki or Edward Elric? These anime heroes take action for the sake of helping others and improving humanity, but their life circumstances could have easily led them down the path of evil. 

Most of these damaged heroes have violent or depressing pasts that could have led to them to a dark place. Naruto Uzumaki was shunned by his village because he had a demon housed inside his body. While he responds to this by wanting to prove his worth to his ninja village, he could have easily done what Gaara did and started killing the people who treated him like a monster. Edward Elric was willing to mess with bringing the dead back to life, but if his life had taken a different turn, he might have continued his experiments for more nefarious purposes, like Orochimaru.

None of these anime characters became villains, but in an alternate universe, they easily could have been.