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13 Anime Heroes Who Had Legitimate Reasons To Turn Evil

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Can you imagine Naruto Uzumaki as a villain? What about Shoto Todoroki or Edward Elric? These anime heroes take action for the sake of helping others and improving humanity, but their life circumstances could have easily led them down the path of evil. 

Most of these damaged heroes have violent or depressing pasts that could have led to them to a dark place. Naruto Uzumaki was shunned by his village because he had a demon housed inside his body. While he responds to this by wanting to prove his worth to his ninja village, he could have easily done what Gaara did and started killing the people who treated him like a monster. Edward Elric was willing to mess with bringing the dead back to life, but if his life had taken a different turn, he might have continued his experiments for more nefarious purposes, like Orochimaru.

None of these anime characters became villains, but in an alternate universe, they easily could have been.

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    Shoto Todoroki Could Have Learned To Hate Heroes From His Father In 'My Hero Academia'

    Shoto Todoroki was raised to be a professional hero by a man he finds impossible to admire. Enji Todoroki, also known by his pro-hero name Endeavor, used illegal breeding practices to create Shoto's quirk, Hot and Cold. He proceeded to raise Shoto in isolation while abusing all four of his children and his wife. Shoto grew up hating his father, and dedicated himself to becoming a hero on his own terms. However, he could have easily become so disgusted by the concept of heroism - which his abusive father embodied - and pursued a life of villainy.

    Like many of the villains in My Hero Academia, he could have decided that he was better off trying to destroy society than preserve it. 

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    Migi Could Have Influenced Shinichi Izumi More In 'Parasyte'

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    Shinichi Izumi wants to protect humanity from the sinister threat of mind-controlling parasites who take over people's bodies and feed on human flesh. Migi, the parasite coexisting in his body, is generally willing to help him because it benefits his own survival, but he doesn't care about defending humanity per se. When Migi has to merge with Izumi's heart in order to repair damage, some of his cells detach and begin to circulate throughout his body. This not only dramatically improves his physical capabilities, but also changes him emotionally - as do his increasingly traumatic encounters with parasites.

    These changes aren't likely to lead him to side with the parasites, but he could have stopped caring about protecting humans if Migi's cells - and the darker and sadder parts of his own mind - were too much to overcome. 

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    Kurama is a demon who possessed an unborn human child. At first, he feels no particular attachment to humanity and is preparing to start preying on them as soon as his newborn body grows strong enough to do so. However, he ultimately develops a bond with his human mother and starts to think of himself as at least partially human. The bond began when his mother injured herself in an effort to protect him.

    If this had never happened or his mother actually harmed him in some way, he likely would have despised humanity.

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    Satsuki Kiryuin Might Have Agreed With Her Mother In 'Kill La Kill'

    For most of Kill la Kill, Satsuki Kiryuin presents herself as a loyal acolyte of her mother Ragyo. She rules over Honnōji Academy with an iron fist and acts as though she plans to help her mother use the academy to take over the world. However, towards the end of the series, she reveals that she's actually totally against this plan, then betrays her mother, and starts working with Ryuko Matoi to defeat her. 

    But Satsuki could have remained faithful to her mother and helped to carry out her plan. She could have been like her third sister, Nui, and acted in perfect accordance with her mother's horrific goals. She had the strength to rebel against her mother, which took a great deal of character - but she could have given into cowardice and remained an accomplice and servant.

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