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15 Anime Heroes Who Have Insanely Evil Parents

Some anime heroes get to learn heroism from their parents. Others have to actively fight against their parents' influence to do any good whatsoever in the world. Anime heroes with evil parents often face abuse at the hands of their parents, and in some cases, they even end up having to fight their own parents in the name of the greater good.

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter was raised in a family of powerful assassins who passed on what they knew by abusing their children. It's no wonder that Killua would rather spend his time hanging out with Gon than have anything to do with his parents. But while the Zoldycks were unquestionably awful, at least they were trying to help their kids through misguided means. The same can't be said for Guts' adoptive father Gambino, who treated Guts so poorly it's hard to understand how he survived it. There are plenty more stories of evil deeds and child mistreatment where that came from. 

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    Sting might not agree, but the song King of Pain by The Police was actually about Guts. His life has been an absolute nightmare from the jump. His adoptive father, Gambino, has not exactly helped in that department. 

    Because he was born from his mother's deceased body, Gambino treats him like a curse from the jump. He blames him for the demise of his lover Shisu, and generally treats him like dirt. But he isn't just saying mean things to him. He's also renting his young body to depraved adult men, forcing him to work as a child soldier, expecting him to fend for himself at age 6, and eventually flat-out trying to take his life. Guts had no choice but to destroy Gambino in order to protect himself.

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    Yujiro Hanma is the world's strongest man, but is he also the world's worst dad? Maybe. He wants his son Baki to become as powerful as he is, and provides him a with motivation to do so by being an awful person. Yujiro despises those who are weaker than him and thinks nothing of destroying them for his own benefit. He broke his own wife's spine, ending her life. He's also done things like rip people's faces off and then slam their skinless flesh into concrete.

    Baki desperately wants to defeat his father in combat. Some people think that the fact that Yujiro encourages son's progression as a fighter means that he's a good dad. But anyone who takes down their child's mother is not only providing a terrible moral example, they're also depriving their child of a foundational relationship. Emi wasn't exactly a great mom either, but she didn't deserve such a brutal end. Yujiro is a bad dad, and a bad person. 

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  • Vinsmoke Judge is a dramatically terrible father - one who Sanji was lucky to escape. While Judge's wife Sora was pregnant with quadruplets, he made her undergo an experimental surgery that would make the babies superhumanly strong but would rob them of the ability to feel emotions. Thanks to the preventative medicine Sora took, Sanji managed to escape the impact of the surgery. After that, Judge treats Sanji like garbage, looking the other way while his other sons beat him up, putting a metal mask on his face and locking him in a room, and generally acting as he hates him. 

    But while Judge might privately insist that Sanji is useless, he's happy to use him to his advantage. Later in life, he tries to force Sanji to marry one of Big Mom's daughters in order to cement an alliance with her. He'd eventually realize that Big Mom was just trying to use him and become somewhat of an ally to the Straw Hats - but none of that erases his horrendous behavior beforehand.

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  • Ryuko Matoi doesn't actually find out who her mother is until partway through the series, but it's not a pleasant revelation. That's because her mother is straight-up evil - seriously, Ragyo Kiryuin wants to destroy all of humanity and replace it with an alien race called Life Fibers.

    She tried to use her children to create human-life fiber hybrids. When she thought that baby Ryuko was a failure, she chucked her body in the trash with seemingly no sense of loss. She tried to force her oldest daughter Satsuki into helping her with her weird world domination plan, all while touching her inappropriately. As for her youngest daughter Nui, she brainwashed her into total obedience and then felt absolutely nothing when she sacrificed her life for her mother's benefit. 

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