15 Anime Heroes Who Have Evil Siblings

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Sibling rivalry is a common experience for both real people and anime characters. Most fights revolve around small things like who gets the last cookie or who has to do the dishes. While bigger issues can occur, they usually don't involve one sibling trying to destroy the world. But that's exactly what anime heroes with evil siblings have to deal with. Their sibling isn't just annoying - they're potentially lethal, and they have to be stopped.

Some of the villainous siblings on this list are actually evil. In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jonathan Joestar's adoptive brother Dio is a flamboyantly and fabulously cruel person who ends up terrorizing the entire family for generations. In other cases, they're not really evil but have been forced into committing cruel acts. It's not exactly Sho Kusakabe's fault he was kidnapped and brainwashed by a cult in Fire Force, and it'll take him some time to get over it. Either way, these pairs of siblings find themselves on the opposite sides of major conflicts that put their relationship - and their strength - to the test.

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  • Sanji Was The Only Brother Whose Brain Wasn't Altered In 'One Piece'
    Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

    When Sanji's mother Sora was pregnant with him and his quadruplet brothers Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, she was forced to undergo a surgery that would grant her children superhuman abilities and remove their ability to feel most emotions. Hoping to counteract the negative impact on her children, she took medication that made her ill but successfully protected Sanji from the surgery's effects. However, his brothers weren't spared.

    As a result, they became cruel people who constantly tormented their brother. Later on, they helped their father try to force Sanji to get married to Charlotte Pudding in the hopes of building a family alliance. 

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  • Zeref Dragneel Commits Atrocities That His Brother Must Prevent In 'Fairy Tail'
    Photo: Fairy Tail / A-1 Pictures

    Natsu Dragneel is a straightforwardly good person whose main goals involve completing missions for his guild and protecting his friends from danger. But thanks to his brother Zeref, his life is a lot more complicated than that. 

    Zeref began dabbling in dark magic after Natsu and their parents were destroyed. He succeeded in creating a version of his lost brother who was strong enough to one day end him - which is exactly what he hoped for. Why did he hope for that? Because he was cursed by the God Ankhseram.

    This curse made him functionally immortal, and it also made it so he had no choice but to destroy everything he cared about. The only way to avoid causing harm is to stop caring about anyone. In his attempts to undo his curse, he ends up causing a ton of damage and hurting a ton of people, placing him firmly in the category of tragic villain. 

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  • Sasuke And Itachi Uchiha Swap Roles In 'Naruto'
    Photo: Naruto / Studio Pierrot

    When Naruto begins, Sasuke is a straightforward hero and Itachi is a straightforward villain. But things soon get more complicated. Obsessed with avenging the clan that Itachi destroyed, Sasuke teams up with the villainous Orochimaru in order to gain the power he needs to take his brother down. After Sasuke finally fights Itachi, he learns that while Itachi did slay their clan, he was forced to do it by one of the cruelest figures in the entire series - Root leader Danzo Shimura. 

    Disgusted that a member of his city's government ordered the destruction of his clan, he decides that, actually, he wants to destroy Konoha - the same place Itachi hoped to save. Once a hero, Sasuke becomes a villain - and the formerly villainous Itachi looks a lot more heroic post-mortem.

    After fighting alongside his former teammates to stop a literal alien invasion and then having a showdown with Naruto, Sasuke gives up his destructive desires and becomes one of Konoha's most important shinobi. Having a final goodbye with a temporarily reincarnated Itachi helped, too. 

    Though the two brothers constantly traded their heroic and villainous positions, in the end, they're both heroes. 

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  • Shoto And Dabi's Quirks Determined Their Fate In 'My Hero Academia'
    Photo: My Hero Academia / Bones

    It turns out that Dabi from the League of Villains is actually hero-in-training Shoto Todoroki's long-lost older brother Toya. Both of them suffered from being pushed to the limit by their father Endeavor, but their different experiences with him led to different outcomes.

    Shoto was born with a quirk called Half-Cold Half-Hot, which lets him produce and control both ice and fire, while offering resistance to both. This is what Endeavor had been trying to create through having kids, and he was overjoyed. Though his father didn't always treat him well, Shoto was able to find reasons to pursue heroism outside of his father's desires with the help of his friends. 

    Meanwhile, Toya's Cremation was powerful but nearly unusable because he lacked resistance to fire and kept burning himself. Though Endeavor told him to stop training, he made it clear that he had no use for Toya outside of his quirk achievements. This led Toya to overtrain until he seemingly passed away. When he recovered from his substantial injuries, he ended up with the League of Villains, hoping he'd be able to use the organization to get revenge on his father and destroy corrupt heroes like him. 

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  • Touka And Ayato Kirishima Have Different Political Views In 'Tokyo Ghoul'
    Photo: Tokyo Ghoul:re / Studio Pierrot

    As children, Ayato and Touka were close. As ghouls in a world that was totally hostile towards them, they had to resort to violence if they wanted to stay alive. But the two ended up with different approaches to their problems. 

    Ayato joined Aogiri Tree, a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow humanity and establish ghoul supremacy. This would mean no longer being hunted by humans seeking to exterminate them, but it would also mean freely eating human flesh. Touka decided to align herself with Anteiku, an organization dedicated to finding ways for ghouls to live safe and peaceful lives without having to harm humans. Their ideological differences drove them apart, but ultimately they did still care for one another. 

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  • Lelouch vi Britannia Stops Schneizel el Britannia's Plans In 'Code Geass'
    Photo: Code Geass / Sunrise

    Lelouch is one of the children of the Brittanian royal family. Both because of an inherent disdain for colonialism and because he believes they were responsible for his mother's demise, he ends up at odds with several siblings - the most notable of whom is his brother Schneizel.

    Schneizel hopes to have complete control over humanity. He believes that if left to their own devices, humanity will devolve into selfishness and cruelty. He thinks the only way to create peace is through force. To achieve this, he'll hurt anyone - even his own family. Though Lelouch is also willing to commit atrocities to achieve his goals, he ultimately hopes to stop his family's tyrannical rule and ensure humanity's freedom.

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