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14 Tropes That Are In Every High School Anime Ever

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Throughout any anime series revolving around high school students, there are boundless tropes you'll run into that seemingly never end. While tropes definitely exist in other anime genres, high school anime is particularly egregious in this regard. A broken-hearted tsundere (a cold character who warms up over time), a not-so-ordinary "ordinary" student, crazy sports tricks that come with their own individual battle cries, it's all there. You know, typical high school stuff, if you live in an anime. Anime high school tropes never end, and it gets to the point where we see the same things in every high school anime, over and over again. 

Sometimes, the tropes are subtle enough to blend well into an anime, and other times they're just plain annoying. You know, like an obnoxious anime kid. These things are basically guaranteed to show up at one point or another in every high school setting of your favorite anime series, whether you want them to or not. Frankly, they will probably last as long as the genre. 

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    They Go To The Beach Exactly Once

    Photo: Haruhi Suzumiya / Funimation

    Oh, no! It seems our protagonist forgot that it was the day that their class scheduled a field trip to the beach. Or maybe they just want to get away for some relaxing seaside sun, like the girls from Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Whatever the case may be, you can bet that there's going to be at least one full episode dedicated to the main cast getting into sandy misadventures. You can be sure that there will also be plenty of characters in revealing swimwear and memorable beachy bonding.

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    Some Girl's Unexplainably Huge Boobs Are Going To Be Obsessed Over

    Photo: High School DxD / Funimation

    In whatever high school your favorite cast of anime characters is in, there's going to be at least one girl with huge boobs that defy biology and, frankly, physics. And you can bet that people are going to bring them up again, and again, and again.

    As you probably already know, your typical teenager in an anime is going to be obsessed with massive honkers. And someone amongst their classmates/teachers/senpais is bound to have breasts big enough to talk about constantly. Seriously, conversations about adolescent breasts can straight-up dominate large parts of some episodes. 

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    Parents Basically Don't Exist

    Apparently, every adult in Japan that has a high school-aged child is perpetually busy during the day and absent at night. Sometimes, the writer even completely phases them out by killing them off. 

    But even when that happens, they're often replaced with yet another absent parental figure. This allows their teenager to spend time hanging out with aliens, getting into fights, and just generally digging into mysteries and adult themes that a normal parent would probably be concerned about.

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    Every Protagonist Starts Off As An "Ordinary High School Student"

    No extraordinary anime student starts their crazy journey as anything more than your everyday, average school kid. Or, your "ordinary high school student" like the narrator so often likes to call them.

    Of course, after they're done being ordinary like ten minutes into the pilot, they gain magical powers, or are given an extravagant destiny, or find out something that's extraordinary about their so-called normal existence. Without fail, this turns their whole world upside down. 

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