The 13 Best Anime Like A Certain Magical Index

In a world where science has advanced much more than our own and humans are able to have psychic powers, Touma Kamijou does not seem to be quite as lucky. Having a rank of zero, with no signs of having any abilities of his own, he seems to have one thing no one is able to understand: his power is called "Imagine Breaker" and it allows him to negate anyone else's abilities. With no real explanation as to why he's able to do this, he's able to live a fairly normal life with no interference. When a strange Index Librorum Prohibitorum that knows all of the forbidden grimoires runs into him, his life is thrown into chaos. People are chasing her and now he's unfortunately involved. With a story like this, it's no wonder A Certain Magical Index has grown to popularity easily. However, if you're already one step ahead of us and have watched the show, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know there are tons of selections that would make the perfect follow up. 

If you're looking for anime like A Certain Magical Index, you've got plenty to choose from on this list. There are tons of shows that showcase a strange character that has an unusual power no one seems able to understand; much like The Irregular at Magic High School. Or, there are characters who have great power but feel lost when it comes to using it, as we also see in Bungo Stray Dogs. Here are recommendations for A Certain Magical Index!


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    Yuu Otosaka seems to be at the top of his game, constantly getting the highest scores on his tests and being exceptionally charming. The truth is, Yuu has been cheating the entire time, but not in the typical teenager way. Given the phenomenal ability to control a person's body for five seconds at a time, Yuu is able to slip into their minds, find the answers he needs and leave without anyone catching on. Getting away with it for years is finally put to an end when Nao Tomori confronts him, telling him she knows about his abilities. With a threat of blackmail, he has no other choice but to give into her demands and transfer schools to a new campus specifically for those with supernatural abilities. 

  • In a world where magic is considered a high form of technology, First High School works as an institution to train promising magicians by ranking them into separate groups based by their individual exam scores. Among these magicians is siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, who've just enrolled. While Tetsuya's paractical test showed him to be in the lowest category, the "Weeds," there's something about his sheer knowledge that places him in the Second Course. It's because of his strange abilities that he's considered and irregular, much like Touma is considered in A Certain Magical Index.

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  • Atsushi Nakajima is a starving, homeless boy who was kicked out of his orphanage after screaming about a mythical tiger that continued to stalk him. After saving the life of a strange man out of the river, despite being on the brink of starvation and death himself, Atsushi is introduced to Osamu Dazai. Trying to kill himself, with an air of lust and joy over the situation, Osamu explains that he's a supernatural detective looking for the very same tiger that is supposedly stalking Atsushi. After a bout of unfortunate and thrilling occurrences, Atsushi is invited to give up his life on the streets and become a fellow detective, solving mysteries that involve the unknown and unpredictable. While this series has more humor than A Certain Magical Index, it hold the same life-changing element for the leading character and involves phenomenal happenings that can only be described as magic.

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  • Of course, if you're a huge anime fan you've probably heard of Fullmetal Alchemist, but if you haven't watched it yet, now's your excuse to cross it off your list! Obeying the Law of Equivalent Exchange is an absolute; in order to obtain something, you must give something up of equal value. Edward and Alphonse Elric committed the ultimate taboo early on in their childhood by trying to bring back a lost loved one from the grave, paying dearly for it in return. Knowing the horrors of not understanding the price you pay for alchemy, the two are now on a mission to find the Philosopher's Stone in order to get back what they've lost. There's quite a few parallels to this show and A Certain Magical Index, especially the themes of government and commonality of a supernatural phenomenon.

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  • Life can be extremely dull for most average teenagers, but for Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, and You Kasukabe it's even more so. Born with psychic abilities, they rarely find anything that suits their interests in their everyday lives. When they get invited to a strange place known as Little Garden, they're greeted by a girl named Kurousagi who tells them they've been given an opportunity to participate in a high-stakes game that will allow them to exercise their abilities. Before they can play, however, they have to join a community. Kurousagi's community, the "No Names," has been unfortunate enough to no longer have a rank. Finding this out, they decide to join her in her quest to regain her land and status. If a strange girl running into your life and asking for help sounds familiar, that's because A Certain Magical Index also has this exact element. 

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  • Kojou Akatsuki was living a typical life as a high school student in the Demon District of Itogami Island before he became a vampire. While he'd gone unnoticed before, with his new abilities present he becomes the center of attention. Kojou is not your typical vampire; he turns out to be the fourth primogenitor, which is an incredibly powerful vampire that most wouldn't have believed even exsisted. Since he has the potential to be incredibly dangerous, the Lion King Organization sends Yukina Himeragi, an apprentice sword-shaman, to monitor him, should he ever do anything evil. Now they're stuck together taking on various occurrences within the city and keeping people safe. Much like the leading character in A Certain Magical Index, Kojou is also not your average person who is on a mission to protect people.

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