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The 13 Best Anime Like Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko, a Netflix exclusive anime made by Sanrio, is a wildly popular anime about an anthropomorphic red panda named Retsuko who is always nice and obliging to everyone at work, no matter how badly they treat her. But when she goes to karaoke, she belts out her frustrations through the angriest metal music imaginable. Combining comedy with the problems of work, romance, and life as a millennial, this is one amazing show. 

With an anime this good, it might seem like there's no other anime like Aggretsuko out there - but thankfully, that's not the case. In fact, there is plenty of awesome anime that are similar to Aggretsuko out there. Which one you should choose depends on what appealed to you about the show in the first place. If you're looking for an anime that combines love and office life but can take or leave the whole talking animals thing, you should try out Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku, or Hataraki Man. If adorable talking animals are the selling point as far as you're concerned, you may want to try out Working Buddies! or Damekko Dōbutsu. Want another anime with an appreciation for the metal genre? You might like Detroit Metal City.

Not all of these shows will appeal to all Aggretsuko fans, but you're sure to find at least one that you like.