The Best Anime Like 'Attack on Titan'

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You know the series well and have watched every episode, so now you want to know the best anime shows out there that are like Attack on Titan. Luckily for you, we've ranked the top shows similar to AOT below, with the help of your votes.

Attack on Titan is not the first anime that features giants as the main protagonists, but it introduced many new touches on the genre, particularly the fear and helplessness that the human race feels when pitted against these monsters. The giants in AOT have interesting character designs, as they sometimes look comical and not very intimidating. However, this makes is all the more disturbing when they snatch your loved ones away and break their bodies in half with just a single bite.

In other series with giant enemies, humans have mechs or other vehicles they can use to defeat the monsters. In AOT, humans must use maneuvering gear that propels them up towards the Titans, leaving them extremely vulnerable. There's no show quite like it out there, but the titles below just might be similar enough to get you hooked. Upvote the shows you're a fan of.

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

  • Why it is similar:
     - The outside world is dangerous and filled with monsters
     - Humans live in fear of creatures stronger than them

  • 2
    286 votes
    Why it is similar:
     - Demon enemies are sometimes giants
     - Heroes use same essence that powers the enemies
  • Black Bullet
    Photo: Black Bullet / Amazon / Fair Use
    231 votes
    Why it is similar:
     - Humanity is near extinction
     - Remnants of humanity are living within small area enclosed by walls
  • Parasyte
    Photo: Parasyte: The Maxim
    33 votes
    Why it is similar:
     - Monsters tear apart human victims
     - Hero possesses the same essence or power as the enemy
  • Blood C
    Photo: Blood-C
    16 votes
    Why it is similar:
     - Vampire enemies are giants

     - Enemies violently tear apart people

     - Hero is the same species as the enemy
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Photo: Gainax

    Why it is similar:
     - Enemies are mostly giants
     - Heroes "become" giants using mecha