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The 13 Best Anime Like Banana Fish

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Banana Fish is a modern anime adaptation of a 1980's manga - and it's one of the boldest, most intense shows to air in 2018. Ash Lynx is a 17-year-old gang leader whose violent childhood has made him into a cold, ruthless criminal. He stands to inherit a mafia syndicate from Papa Dino, a man who once forced him into human trafficking - but when Papa Dino gets ahold of the substance that drove Ash's brother insane, Ash goes his own way. With the mafia at his heels, it doesn't seem like he has any room in his life for genuine human connection - but when Eiji Okumura enters his life, he might just have to open his heart.

With only 25 episodes, there just isn't enough Banana Fish for many fans. While you can totally go ahead and read the classic manga, you can also watch anime similar to Banana Fish. What you liked about the show will help determine which anime like Banana Fish you should aim for. Did you enjoy its focus on gang warfare? Watch 91 Days or Gangsta. Looking for anime with a powerful focus on the love between two men? Try Yuri!!! on Ice or No. 6. 

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