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The 13 Best Anime Like Beyblade Burst

Let's go over the best anime recommendations for Beyblade Burst fans to watch after they finish the series, ranked by your votes. On the surface, Beyblade Burst may seem like a silly show about kids fighting with tops. However, Beyblade Burst never lets its toy-ish structure get in the way of fun. It knows how to stage surprisingly entertaining battles with its dazzling tops, and create compelling stories about the kids who compete with them. 

If you love watching Beyblade Burst and want more of the same, you can't go wrong with shows like Pokémon Sun and Moon or Digimon Adventure. Other anime like Beyblade Burst pack the same punch, but in a completely different way. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is another good anime similar to Beyblade Burst - the series follows Dan Kuso and his friends as they play the game of Bakugan to save their dimension.

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