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The 13 Best Anime Like 'Black Clover'

It's one of the hottest anime out there, so we have to examine some good recommendations for anime like Black Clover. There's a lot to love about fantasy-action anime - for example, there's one series about two orphaned boys of different skills (and temperament) setting off on their own journey to become the Wizard King - it's a classic Shonen Jump affair. The rivalry between Asta Sutaria and Yuno Kurosurii is heated, but refreshingly friendly. And the fantasy world they live in is wonderful, along with its large and eccentric cast. 

If you recently got into Black Clover and don't know where to go from here, check out Fairy Tail. What makes this anime similar to Black Clover is the medieval setting, along with the similar use of magic power. Other great choices for anime similar to Black Clover are My Hero AcademiaThe Seven Deadly Sins, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

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    TSDS and Black Clover are pretty similar to each other. Both shows are about a rag-tag team operating in a medieval world of magic. However, the heroes of TSDS were once well-respected knights of their kingdom, until they were betrayed and cast out.

    Now, after years of separation, the legendary knights have reformed in order to save their fallen kingdom.   

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    My Hero Academia is becoming the next Naruto in terms of worldwide popularity. The X-Men-ish story of Izuku "Deku" Midoriya attending a school for superheroes just recently had a successful animated movie, with a Hollywood live-action adaptation in the works.

    Deku's struggle to control his newfound superhero power and keep up with his peers is extremely similar to Asta's struggle as an anti-magic swordsman for the his guild, the Black Bull. 

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    Black Clover fans who fell in love with the series's fantasy setting should definitely check out Fairy Tail. Like Black Clover, Fairy Tail takes place in a medieval fantasy world and follows a guild that performs odd jobs and saves the world from evil.

    Fairy Tail is a great anime to binge on from beginning to end.    

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    Anyone who loved Black Clover will love Hunter x Hunter. For example, H X H takes place in a fantasy world dominated by powerful hunters that perform various jobs such as treasure hunting or contract slaying. Gon Freecss is similar to Asta Sutaria, as they were both abandoned by their parents.

    However, the cheerful Gon is determined to find his father - who just so happens to be a legendary hunter - even if it means becoming a hunter himself.    

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