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The Best Anime Like Bloom Into You

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Bloom Into You appeared during the Fall 2018 anime season, and it's garnered a large fan base since its first appearance. Yuu Koito always thought that her first love would make her feel like she was floating into the sky, but when a boy asks her out, she feels nothing. When she meets an upperclassman named Touko Nanami, will she feel the hearts and butterflies she's been longing for? Or will she have to deal with the complexities that  come with true love? 

You might be looking for other similar shows. Anime like Bloom Into You can include shows that feature queer love stories like Sweet Blue Flowers, Sakura Trick, and Yuri!!! on ICE. It can also include anime that are tonally on point, like Tsuki ga Kirei

If you loved Bloom Into You, you might like these other anime. If you've seen any of the shows below and think they're worth watching, vote them up to guide other fans to their next great viewing experience.

  • Whispered Words
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    Sumika Murasame is in the closet, which makes it hard for her to admit her feelings for Ushio Kazama. Unfortunately, Ushio is oblivious to Sumika's love, and keeps going after girls who aren't interested. What will it take to get these two together? If you watch Whispered Words, you'll find out. Although this anime differs from Bloom Into You in that it builds the relationship more slowly, there are some major similarities. The biggest one is that each couple features one mature and mysterious beauty and one cuter, more innocent girl. 

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    • On the surface, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, also known as Oregairu, might not seem like it has a lot in common with Bloom Into You. The former is a sarcastic takedown of high school social norms, while the latter is a sad love story between two girls. But Bloom Into You actually does question the validity of social norms - just not as blatantly or aggressively as Oregairu does. Yuu doesn't understand what falling in love is supposed to be like, and questions whether it's possible for her. Though Hikigaya is a lot more bitter about it, he feels much the same way. Also, the two female characters in Oreigairu strongly resemble the protagonists of Bloom Into You, both physically and in terms of their respective personalities. 

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    • YuruYuri
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      Yuru Yuri is a cheerful slice of life comedy about four young high school girls enjoying themselves in the directionless Amusement Club. While certainly a lot more light-hearted than Bloom Into You, this anime should still prove appealing to fans of the show. That's because the members of the Amusement Club are particularly amused by flirting with one another. Like in Bloom Into You, boys in Yuru Yuri are largely besides the point.

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    • Sweet Blue Flowers
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      Akira Okudaira and Fumi Manjoume are best friends who tell each other everything - but Fumi has a secret that's difficult for her to admit to anyone - she's a lesbian. Akira helps her friend come to terms with her romantic feelings, while she struggles to understand the concept of love and attraction for herself. This is quite similar to Bloom Into You's premise - Touko has feelings for girls, while Yuu struggles to feel genuine romantic feelings for anyone. One big difference -- Yuu and Touko do appear to be coming together romantically, while Akira and Fumi pursue different paths. 

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