The Best Anime Like Bloom Into You

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Bloom Into You appeared during the Fall 2018 anime season, and it's garnered a large fan base since its first appearance. Yuu Koito always thought that her first love would make her feel like she was floating into the sky, but when a boy asks her out, she feels nothing. When she meets an upperclassman named Touko Nanami, will she feel the hearts and butterflies she's been longing for? Or will she have to deal with the complexities that  come with true love? 

You might be looking for other similar shows. Anime like Bloom Into You can include shows that feature queer love stories like Sweet Blue Flowers, Sakura Trick, and Yuri!!! on ICE. It can also include anime that are tonally on point, like Tsuki ga Kirei. 

If you loved Bloom Into You, you might like these other anime. If you've seen any of the shows below and think they're worth watching, vote them up to guide other fans to their next great viewing experience.

  • Asagao to Kaisei-san
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    Bloom Into You and Asagao to Kaisei-san are both about high school girls forming a romantic relationship. In both cases, the two girls aren't quite on the same page when it comes to love, but they still manage to find common ground despite difficulties. Given that Asagao to Kaisei-san is an OVA while Bloom Into You is a multi-episode anime, the relationship won't be quite as difficult or complex, but it will be every bit as heartwarming.

  • 2
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    Citrus follows a developing relationship between two teenage girls, Mei and Yuzu. The two do not get along at first - Mei is a rule-abiding princess type who hides both her cruelty and her vulnerability beneath her cool exterior, while Yuzu is a bubbly party girl who doesn't act "properly." The two are forced together when Mei's father unexpectedly marries Yuzu's mother. Despite complications, a romantic relationship begins to emerge between the two girls. 

    This anime features a bit more fanservice than one can expect from Bloom Into You, and the girls are generally not as kind to one another, so if you found yourself wanting something a little bit edgier, Citrus might be a good next choice. 

  • Not only do Sakura Trick and Bloom Into You both feature protagonists named Yuu, both are about two girls entering their first romantic relationship. Though both couples love each other, they have to deal with less than tolerant outsiders that put a damper on what is otherwise a fairly positive experience. Sakura Trick is a bit more focused on telling a slice-of-life school story, while Bloom Into You goes a little bit deeper into the nuances of the relationship itself, but if you don't mind an anime that feels a little lighter and fluffier, it's another good - and rare - example of lesbian representation in anime.

  • Whispered Words
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    Sumika Murasame is in the closet, which makes it hard for her to admit her feelings for Ushio Kazama. Unfortunately, Ushio is oblivious to Sumika's love, and keeps going after girls who aren't interested. What will it take to get these two together? If you watch Whispered Words, you'll find out. Although this anime differs from Bloom Into You in that it builds the relationship more slowly, there are some major similarities. The biggest one is that each couple features one mature and mysterious beauty and one cuter, more innocent girl.