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The Best Anime Like 'Clannad: After Story'

CLANNAD: After Story is often cited as one of the greatest romance anime of all time. It's worthy of the distinction. While the first season tells a fairly straightforward story of school life and romantic problems, CLANNAD: After Story plunges viewers into a world of deep tragedy and impressive character development. It set a standard that only a handful of anime can measure up to - but are there any other anime like CLANNAD: After Story out there?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few great shows out there. If you're looking for another anime based on a Key visual novel, you need to be watching Kanon or Air. Just want another show that will make you cry like a baby? Try Anohana: The Flower I Saw That Day. Want to watch another show that actually takes its central couple from high school to adult life? Watch Itazura na Kiss.

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