10+ Good Anime Similar to Death Note

This list ranks 10+ great anime like Death Note, all similar to the series in one way or another. Death Note is perhaps one of the most unique anime ever made. It's not easy to replicate, but these anime are similar to Death Note in different ways. While it also uses the element of the shinigami monster partner, Death Note is also dark themed, with an amazing anti-hero. Light Yagami demonstrates the moral ambiguity of a classic anti-hero, with you not knowing whether he is the good guy or the bad guy. And good and bad are even confused or mixed up in this series. For sure, the series will also get you thinking about morality and society. But if this is your cup of tea and you're looking for more, perhaps these other anime in the list will suit your fancy.

Do you know of any good anime like Death Note that you would recommend to other fans? Add them to the list, and explain why you think the show is close to Death Note.
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