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The Best Anime Like Fairy Gone

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Fairy Gone is an exciting new anime from the Spring 2019 lineup. After a long and painful war, Fairy Soldiers - people who have received organ transplants that give them the ability to summon fairies to fight for them - no longer have a place in society. While some attempt to integrate, others turn to crime. That's where Dorothea, an organization staffed by people with the same ability, come in. In order to avoid being arrested for using their abilities illegally, the members of Dorothea seek out other Fairy Soldiers and bring them to justice. 

Are there other anime like Fairy Gone? Absolutely. Looking for another dark and disturbing anime that combines the concept of supernatural powers with human organs? Try Tokyo Ghoul or Dororo. Seeking a series that follows an organization full of people with a specific magical ability that monitor, control, or even fight others with the same ability? Watch Bungou Stray Dogs. Want another show that opens with an auction that sells living creatures and then goes on to include fairies? Check out The Ancient Magus' Bride.

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    After his entire village is destroyed in a vampire attack, Yuliy dedicates his life to bringing the monsters who took his family from him to justice. He does this by joining the Jaegers, a group of highly skilled guerilla warriors who get their jobs done by pretending to work alongside the police. What Yuliy doesn't know is that his brother wasn't savaged by vampires - he actually became one of them, forcing the two siblings into opposing sides of a great war. 

    This bears a striking resemblance to what happens in Fairy Gone. Along with her best friend Veronica, Mariya is one of the sole survivors of an attack on the Suna village. She spends years attempting to find her friend - but when she does, she discovers that they may not be on the same side of a conflict 

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      One of the interesting things about Fairy Gone is that Fairy users get their powers from organs that were transplanted into their bodies. What's another dark fantasy with organs at the heart of its storyline? Dororo, an anime about a young man named Hyakkimaru whose father sold most of his organs to demons in exchange for the prosperity of their village and his own personal power. To get his body back, Hyakkimaru must defeat every demon holding on to a part of him. 

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      Both Fairy Gone and The Ancient Magus' Bride open on an auction scene. In Fairy Gone, the auction is dedicated to selling fairies and other magical paraphernalia, whereas the auction in The Ancient Magus' Bride also sells people - namely, the protagonist, Chise Hatori. Both auctions lead to the a connection between two people from very different worlds. Where Mariya winds up joining a fairy-control organization called Dorothea, Chise ends up learning to control her own magical powers under the tutelage of a mage named Elias Ainsworth. As she studies under him, she'll meet plenty of magical creatures - including fairies!

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        In the world of Charlotte, many people develop superpowers during their adolescent years. This is dangerous less because of the powers themselves - although some of them are dangerous - and more because of the risk of the government capturing them and doing experiments on them. To combat this possibility, Nao Tomori and the other students at Hoshinoumi Academy try to hide their own abilities and track down and stop other teenagers who use them in public. Though the exact methods of control have yet to be revealed, it's already clear that fairy uses are tightly regulated by the government and can be legally punished simply for existing. If you're interested in the intersection between government and magic, Charlotte is for you.

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