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The Best Anime Like Fairy Gone

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Fairy Gone is an exciting new anime from the Spring 2019 lineup. After a long and painful war, Fairy Soldiers - people who have received organ transplants that give them the ability to summon fairies to fight for them - no longer have a place in society. While some attempt to integrate, others turn to crime. That's where Dorothea, an organization staffed by people with the same ability, come in. In order to avoid being arrested for using their abilities illegally, the members of Dorothea seek out other Fairy Soldiers and bring them to justice. 

Are there other anime like Fairy Gone? Absolutely. Looking for another dark and disturbing anime that combines the concept of supernatural powers with human organs? Try Tokyo Ghoul or Dororo. Seeking a series that follows an organization full of people with a specific magical ability that monitor, control, or even fight others with the same ability? Watch Bungou Stray Dogs. Want another show that opens with an auction that sells living creatures and then goes on to include fairies? Check out The Ancient Magus' Bride.

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    Demon Slayer began airing during the same season as Fairy Gone, but the two share more in common than just their air date. When Tanjirou's family is massacred by a demon, he's almost ready to give up on life - but when he discovers that his sister Nezuko has been transformed into a demon after being exposed to demon blood. He then sets out on a journey to try and change his sister back and avenge his family. To accomplish this, he has to join an organization dedicated to slaying demons.

    Similarly, Mariya has been searching for her childhood friend Veronica for years. When she finally finds her, she discovers that Veronica has joined the wrong side of a magical conflict. In order to save her friend - and herself - she must join Dorothea, an organization dedicated to monitoring and controlling fairy-based crimes. 

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      Not only does Tokyo Ghoul have a dark vibe that aligns well with that in Fairy Gone, it also has a common theme - powers passed along through organs. In order to attain control over fairies, a person needs an organ transplant from an animal that was possessed by a fairy. In order for a human being to attain ghoulish abilities, they need an experience like Ken Kaneki's - an organ transplant from a ghoul's body. These transplants can not only grant superior powers, they can also cause the recipient's lives to plunge into chaos. Besides the organ thing, both shows feature excellent fight scenes.

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    • In the world of Bungo Stray Dogs, many people possess magical abilities that are loosely based off of literary references. These abilities serve the protagonists as they navigate conflicts with the Port Mafia, a group of people with similar abilities who use them for nefarious purposes. Like Fairy Gone, the series focuses on an organization dedicated to protecting the general population from another group who possess the same type of powers that they do. 

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      Fairy Gone plays with the idea of different species mingling together to create something more powerful than either on its own - and so does Parasyte: The Maxim. In Fairy Gone, fairies possess animals, and the organs of those animals are transplanted into humans, allowing them to wield fairies as summoned weapons. In Parasyte: The Maxim, sentient parasites burrow into human brains and turn their bodies into powerful fighting machines. In both cases, these hybrid creatures pose a serious threat toward humanity as a whole - and must somehow be controlled. 

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