The Best Anime Like Fairy Gone

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Fairy Gone is an exciting new anime from the Spring 2019 lineup. After a long and painful war, Fairy Soldiers - people who have received organ transplants that give them the ability to summon fairies to fight for them - no longer have a place in society. While some attempt to integrate, others turn to crime. That's where Dorothea, an organization staffed by people with the same ability, come in. In order to avoid being arrested for using their abilities illegally, the members of Dorothea seek out other Fairy Soldiers and bring them to justice. 

Are there other anime like Fairy Gone? Absolutely. Looking for another dark and disturbing anime that combines the concept of supernatural powers with human organs? Try Tokyo Ghoul or Dororo. Seeking a series that follows an organization full of people with a specific magical ability that monitor, control, or even fight others with the same ability? Watch Bungou Stray Dogs. Want another show that opens with an auction that sells living creatures and then goes on to include fairies? Check out The Ancient Magus' Bride.

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