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The Best Anime Like Fairy Tail

What is the best anime show like Fairy Tail? Once you finish watching every episode the show has to offer, you might be looking for something similar to watch. Fairy Tail is the name of the mages guild in the series, with Natsu and Lucy being the main characters who use different types of magic. Although everyone in the Fairy Tail guild uses magic, the variety of powers is like what you see in the Avengers or X-Men: one controls fire, the other ice, the other water, another the weather, and more. But the characters have to learn to become a team, and get over their otherwise obnoxious personalities to do so. The shows on this list are similar to Fairy Tail in different ways, whether they involve magic and sorcery like Fate Stay Night, going on adventures with friends like One Piece, or have a main character with fire powers like Hunter x Hunter.
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