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The 13 Best Anime Like Fist of the North Star

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Fist of the North Star is a classic shonen martial arts anime from the 1980s. It follows Kenshiro, a powerful warrior who has mastered a deadly fighting ability called Hokuto Shinken. He uses it to defend the innocent and to track down his rival Shin and rescue his girlfriend Yuria. 

Are there any anime like Fist of the North Star for fans to enjoy? Absolutely! Because it's such an influential anime, you won't have to search too hard for anime similar to Fist of the North Star. Some, like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, intentionally play homage to the series, while others like City Hunter are contemporaries that share its sensibilities. 

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  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which first aired in 2012, was likely inspired by Fist of the North Star. Both shows feature muscular men who believe in justice and helping other people, who find themselves embroiled in epic battles against powerful foes. The difference is that JoJo is a lot more, well, bizarre. Fist of the North Star has plenty of inventive attacks, but none of them hold a candle to stands in terms of strangeness. So if you're looking for a show where a living transmission tower traps its user inside of it for battle purposes while maintaining a level of over-dramatic manliness, this should be the next anime on your list. 

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    If you liked the premise of Fist of the North Star but thought that it wasn't quite gruesome enough, you should try Berserk. Both series follow a stoic and extremely powerful man as he journeys to get revenge on a man who wronged him and to rescue a woman who is in danger. Both feature some of the most badass displays of manliness to be found in anime. Just bear in mind that Berserk is far more viscerally violent. 

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    More than anything in the world, Baki Hanma wants to be stronger than his father, the cruel but powerful Yujiro. To achieve this goal, he trains nearly constantly. If you enjoyed the hardcore fighting scenes between passionate musclebound warriors in Fist of the North Star, this series will probably appeal to you. If you also enjoyed the seriously intense family drama, including family members who are outright enemies, you will love Baki The Grappler.

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    • Many of the characters and concepts in Charge!! Men's Private School were actually inspired by Fist of the North Star - one look at Momotaro and it's pretty clear that he was based on Kenshiro. The show is about a school full of juvenile delinquents who were kicked out of ordinary schools. There, they learn chivalry, battle tactics, and the art of manliness - basically, they're learning how to be like Kenshiro. If you love old school shonen but want to laugh while you're watching, this anime is a great choice.  

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